Rygar Is A Non-Linear 8-Bit Masterpiece

Rygar, which is now available for Nintendo Switch Online, did a lot of things right, particularly when it came to creating an immersive world that felt interconnected.

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Scissorman82434d ago

We need more of this franchise.

ApocalypseShadow434d ago

Was a pretty cool game back then. And for those that didn't play it, the PS2 game was a pretty cool update of the franchise. Still got that one.

Could see a 2D update made like Bionic Commando got from Capcom.

DaReapa433d ago

"Could see a 2D update made like Bionic Commando got from Capcom."

I have Bionic Commando Rearmed on both PSN and Steam. Would be nice to see Rygar get the same treatment. Or even like the recent Strider reboot.

bangoskank433d ago

I remember renting this and finishing it in one day. Thoroughly engrossing. Would like to see a follow up to this.

tieryas433d ago

A follow up would be great!

rlow1433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

The only arcade game that after playing the crap out of it at a laundromat. I was able to finish, from start to the end on one quarter. Love that game.

shammgod433d ago

glad they added it to switch online...haven't played it yet though..need to fire it up

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