Should The Initiative Reboot Perfect Dark or Create IP

Microsoft's The Initiative is currently working on an AAA IP. Many wonder if it is a new game or is the California based studio rebooting Perfect Dark. Which route should the studio be taking?

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JCOLE131951519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Create a new IP please. I’m sure we can all appreciate it when studios revisit an old IP if done well but I want something completely new that’ll define the Initiative’s identity. Something that’s an awesome story driven game.
It’d be nice if Xbox had their own game in the same or at least near the caliber of Sony’s God of War or the Last of Us. The Last of Us is one of my favorite games of all time, Xbox really needs games like it.

Atom6661519d ago

I'd be good either way. Perfect Dark has unrealized potential, and would make for a great backdrop for a 3rd person action game.

I know the Initiative intially said they were gathering up ideas early on from all staff. They were looking for whatever could be done the fastest. I could see a reboot fitting that bill.

I still think we should bank on a 3rd person action/adventure title with light RPG and open world elements as their focus.

gamer78041519d ago

agree,d of all their old ip's, i think this one has the greatest cahnce for innovation, if they reboot anything i'd reboot this, especially over fable which i'd rather them create a brand new ip for an rpg/arpg

DaDrunkenJester1519d ago

You do realize that God of War 2018 was also a reboot of a game around since the PS2... so why couldn't Perfect Dark do the same?

Wetpapertowel1519d ago

Hasn't Perfect Dark already been rebooted once before?

JCOLE131951519d ago

While you’re correct, I meant I’d rather have a new IP that’s as good of quality as God of War. I mean if they reboot perfect dark and it’s amazing, then of course I’d be happy. I just prefer a new IP.

FlavorLav011519d ago

God of War was a strong franchise before and despite the reboot. Perfect Dark hasn’t been cool/fun/interesting since the N64. Lost momentum on IP over the years, I think fans would just as easily take in a new franchise than pick this old one back up after all this time. Might as well reboot Pitfall while they’re at it.

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DaDrunkenJester1519d ago

Ah gotcha, I agree with you for sure. If the reboot is actually done really well, then I'll be happy. But honestly I want to see MS take a risk on a new big AAA game that will go up with the Halo/Gears/Forza franchises. And I'm not sure a reboot alone will do that.

LOGICWINS1519d ago

I want a comic book based IP. Sony has Spiderman. Nintendo has Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Microsoft needs that one well known comic book IP that will sell consoles to casual gamers that are passionate about Marvel/DC/Dark Horse/Valiant etc.

I personally hope it's a remake of Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

smashman981519d ago

Great game. But I'd be really surprised if that's what the initiative is actually working on.

porkChop1519d ago

I'd rather see something that isn't Marvel or DC. Imagine if MS funded a AAA Spawn game. That would be sick.

LOGICWINS1519d ago

If that happens, the Series X becomes an absolute must purchase for me. Unfortunately, it’s probably just Perfect Dark.

meka26111518d ago

I agree, but I actually think an iron man game would fit really well with xbox. Hulk would definitely fit in too with all the green.

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Spurg1519d ago

Xbox doesn't need perfect dark it needs a new IP. But if they demo the game was it has some mindblowing concepts then I wouldn't mind.

Sciurus_vulgaris1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Microsoft announced Everwild a new IP late last year. Ori and the Will of the Wisp (a sequel to the most acclaimed new Xbox IP this gen) released a few months ago. Sea of thieves (released 2018), regardless of its initial reception, is a successful new IP from Xbox. Microsoft had had a good mix of new and old IPs this gen.

meka26111518d ago

Was gonna say the same. I hate that all consoles keep remaking old games, I guess they are running out of new ideas.

Sciurus_vulgaris1519d ago

The initiative’s game is probably 2 or possibly even 3 years into development. I think the rumours and indirect statements from Phil Spencer point towards The Initiative rebooting Perfect Dark. We may get conformation of what the studio is working on in July.Even if the Initiative isn’t working on Perfect Dark, I firmly believe their new title is a sci-fi game.

darthv721519d ago

I certainly wouldn't mind a reboot of PD. Obviously a new IP is welcomed as well but usually new ideas come with the caveat of not being known or established (hence the 'new') while taking something that has been out of the limelight for a while can yield great results (if done justice). the 360 game was a rough around the edges, esp since it was initially an xbox game and got moved to 360 near the end. It was still kind of enjoyable but to see the series get a new lease on life after all these years... yes please. There is more to the Dark storyline than has been told.

IF this is the game they are working on... I just hope they know what kind of opportunity they have to really make a name for themselves as well as restore the faith in the series that nostalgic fans have been longing for.