Days of Play 2020 offers leaked via retail adverts

The upcoming days of play 2020 offers has been leaked though german retail adverts, including PS4 Pro, VR, First-Party Games and more

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darthv721518d ago

I already have 2018 (blue) and 2019 (gray) consoles but 2020 looks to be the same as the 2019. i was hoping for a different color like maybe red.

yomfweeee1518d ago

I think those images are just copied from last year.

darthv721518d ago

ahh... thank you for that.

core_51518d ago

The correct image is on the end of the post ...

darthv721518d ago

Thank you. If they do end up having a special slim then i look forward to getting one but if they dont then no worries.

1518d ago
SLiSH831518d ago

Cool are those pros or vanilla ps4’s ?

darthv721518d ago

the days of play editions are slims.

masterfox1518d ago

Lego Ninja Movie is currently free in PSN if someone interested. :)

Hell much better game than those free ones in this month for PS plus.

masterfox1517d ago

Not sure but in the US is free.

umair_s511517d ago

Thank you. Works in Canada too.

badz1491518d ago

thanks for the tip. the game is also free on Steam and I already got it there. but free is free even if I already platinumed the game.

masterfox1517d ago

that I didn't know it , will add it to Steam as well , thanks. :D

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Scapton1517d ago

Please give UK / EU fans a 12-month PS+ discount Playstation! £49.99 is too high! (CD keys have been stuck at £41.99 for months now)


5 Top Tips To Help Improve PSVR Tracking

The original PSVR has a great catalogue of games, but keeping the set-up working well can be a pain.

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Humanity - Gameplay Series Part 1: Action-Puzzle Basics

Join us as we take you through the basic gameplay of Humanity, an action-puzzle game where you control a glowing Shiba Inu. You place commands on the ground for a giant marching horde of people to follow. Make them turn, jump, float through the air, swim, climb, etc., all to reach the goal (or goals) in each stage.

Silver_ShadoWolf439d ago

I guess the only question here is… why does this exist?


Humanity available Day 1 as a PlayStation Plus Game Catalog title, out May 16

Move over “International Pickle Day,” May 16 has a new number one claim to fame: it’s the launch day for Humanity!

Better yet, it’ll be available on Day 1 as part of the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog’s May lineup, available at no additional cost to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members.

Whether you own a PS5 or PS4, are a PS VR2 or PS VR or TV-only gamer, want to craft your own levels or just sit back and enjoy some action-platforming and puzzle-strategizing, this year May 16 is going to mean more than just “National Piercing Day.”

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masterfox453d ago

finally!, being waiting for this game since its announcement some years ago, so many objects on screen using physics running at 60 fps is always mesmerizing to see.

SullysCigar453d ago

Played the demo on PSVR2 - it's trippy as hell!

Knushwood Butt453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Awesome. I had this on my PS wishlist and was going to buy it Day 1. Seen as I have Extra, now I don't need to!
PSVR2 support too.

Abnor_Mal453d ago

Platformers are not really my thing, but I guess I can try it out on PlusExtra. In VR2 to boot.

fsfsxii453d ago

Finally! been badgering the devs on twitter for awhile now. Demo put me in a trance and i loved it.