Days of Play 2020 offers leaked via retail adverts

The upcoming days of play 2020 offers has been leaked though german retail adverts, including PS4 Pro, VR, First-Party Games and more

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darthv72399d ago

I already have 2018 (blue) and 2019 (gray) consoles but 2020 looks to be the same as the 2019. i was hoping for a different color like maybe red.

yomfweeee399d ago

I think those images are just copied from last year.

darthv72399d ago

ahh... thank you for that.

core_5399d ago

The correct image is on the end of the post ...

darthv72399d ago

Thank you. If they do end up having a special slim then i look forward to getting one but if they dont then no worries.

398d ago
SLiSH83399d ago

Cool are those pros or vanilla ps4’s ?

darthv72399d ago

the days of play editions are slims.

masterfox398d ago

Lego Ninja Movie is currently free in PSN if someone interested. :)

Hell much better game than those free ones in this month for PS plus.

masterfox398d ago

Not sure but in the US is free.

umair_s51398d ago

Thank you. Works in Canada too.

badz149398d ago

thanks for the tip. the game is also free on Steam and I already got it there. but free is free even if I already platinumed the game.

masterfox398d ago

that I didn't know it , will add it to Steam as well , thanks. :D

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Scapton398d ago

Please give UK / EU fans a 12-month PS+ discount Playstation! £49.99 is too high! (CD keys have been stuck at £41.99 for months now)