Paralives Is An Indie Simulation Game That Could Be A Decent The Sims Competitor

If you love doll-house simulators that let you play without people’s lives, there’s really one game franchise you are playing right now: The Sims. But thankfully, there is now a competitor in that space from an indie game developer.

Paralives is indie life simulation game from a team of four developers led by Alex Massé, and it’s very easy to see that it’s inspired by The Sims. You build homes, create characters and manage their lives, either in the home or at the open-world town.

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phoenixwing152d ago

cool, someone needs to keep sims on their toes and this looks good.

FITSniper152d ago

Agreed. Maybe get their pricing down to levels that aren't utterly ridiculous either.

gtxgamer2152d ago

If they put alot of work into this they could easily take attention away from EA/Sims

Xaevi152d ago

It already looks better than Sims4. The build mode videos show more depth and simplicity than what can be done in the Sims 4

antikbaka152d ago

nah, it's bad. design is trash

meka2611151d ago

Why does the name Alex Masse sound so familiar?