InXile Confirms Next-Gen RPG Will Use Unreal Engine 5

InXile Entertainment confirmed that its next-gen RPG will be built using the Unreal Engine 5.

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blackblades328d ago

Should use the UE5 logo instead of the demo.

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Somedudeoverhere327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Using a large eyed cute woman for demos is cringe

DJStotty327d ago

What would you rather them use?

gamer7804327d ago

This exactly, demos and games should never use cute women, it’s just ridiculous. They should all aspire to the gold standard that is the last of us 2. Women are not meant to be attractive and should never be portrayed that way even a little bit.... /s

Silly Mammo327d ago

@DJStotty - a hulking, gung-ho Space Marine!!! /s

DJStotty327d ago

Why not use the demo? They are utilizing the features available in said demo so....

Spurg328d ago

Inxile is one of the studios that I'm truly excited about at XGS. I'm expecting that game in 2022-2023

Obscure_Observer328d ago

I can´t wait to see a AAA RPG from Fargo running on UE5.

That said, I think 2023 in the earliest for this game to be released since they started it´s concept last year.

NeoGamer232328d ago

And they are just finishing up Wasteland 3.

SyntheticForm327d ago


They're one studio I'm going to keep my eye on for sure.

Lore327d ago

Must be nice to have a couple first party studios working on RPG’s. The most difficult genre to make isn’t even embraced by Sony first parties. Such a disappointment

RangerWalk267327d ago

That would mean they (Sony) would have to make a simple player that's NOT an Redbox rental. Well... Not counting Horizon Zero Dawn and MLB the Show.

Lore327d ago


Touching on your Horizon comment. I don’t care what the sales dictate and what people on here try to claim, Horizon Zero Dawn was a success strictly by marketing and originality of the Robotic Dinosaurs concept. It was my most disappointing Sony game of the generation (and yes I platinumed both Days Gone and The Order). The story was not that great, the world had nothing to do in it other than hunt robots and take out camps (and in monster hunter there’s actual depth and rpg mechanics to make the hunting fun). Did not care one bit about any of the npc’s. 5 animals to hunt with only 3 rarity tier levels. Upgrades were bare bones. I literally wanted to get through the game as fast as possible. They claimed that they toned down the depth of the game due to them being concerned that younger audiences wouldn’t be able to keep up. I’m pretty sure if kids are playing Final Fantasy no problem, I don’t see their logic on this one.

Sunny_D327d ago


And yet the best games to come out every year are always single player games? Besides most of the best multiplayer games this gen have been multiplat which guess what? You can get on Playstation. In fact the biggest MP game COD gets first dibs on Playstation... Uncharted 4 multiplayer was great, so is GT sport for competitive racing.

Looper328d ago

Rumour is MS is going to show games that are as far as 3 years out during their July show, inXile's RPG being one of them.

I say show us only if they are in a state ready to be shown. I don't want another CR3 on our hands.

crazyCoconuts328d ago

They gotta show something though.

Looper328d ago

They are showing what almost all their 15 studios are working on for Series X. Plus 2 more acquisitions and some third party stuff...According to the rumour anyways.

NeoGamer232328d ago

I agree with you fully, but unfortunately they need to play the marketing game like the competition does.

The Last Guardian 7 years before it released, Uncharted 4 3 years before release, The Order 1886 2 years before release, The Last of US II 4 years before release, etc. etc.

And fanboys suck this up for some reason. So now, XB fanboys will do the same. Ranting about games that are literally years away from release. PLEASE NO! I only want to see games in the next 12 months. Anything longer to me is vaporware.

rainslacker327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Outside UC4, all those games were intended to release sooner than they did. UC4 got a delay, but all the others were delayed much longer, or even put on hold, much longer than would have been expected.

3 years really wasn't out of the ordinary to announce games being released before this gen started. It only became an issue and a way to bring down a company this gen, as Xbox fan boys desperately tried to downplay Sony's own games by saying they were years away. It's even something that Spencer latched onto early after taking over, stating that he wouldn't show games too early. This fervor by Xbox fan boys ironically became something they weren't so worried about as the generation progressed, and in yet another example of Spencer not keeping true to his word, have shown games which were 2-3+ years from release, either due to delays, or needing to pad out their truly pathetic game output this gen.

NeoGamer232326d ago

I don't really care whether it is Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or whoever, or whatever the issue I just don't want to see any game unless it is going to release in the next 12 months.

Anyone trying to justify any company's behavior of showing games that are greater then 12 months has no ground to stand on no matter what the reason. It is not like any of these companies intentionally have these long lead times, but when they are going to say they are going to do it, I want to see it happen no matter what the company name is. Public game delays should be an exception, not the norm.

Obscure_Observer327d ago


"I don't want another CR3 on our hands."

RPGs is pretty much InXile expertise, we have Brian Fargo leading this project and, this is not some over the top experimental project managed by multiple third party studios. This is an first party project, and more first party studios can be involved if additional talent, knowledge and experience is required.

Can´t see a CD3 situation happening again.

Looper327d ago

I don't mean that CR3 was bad but it was not what was promised and they were under pressure in the end to produce.

Things happen in development that can change a game beyond the initial vision and showing it too soon can be detrimental to that organic change because of that initial expectation set.
CR3 may have been a better game if it didn't have to live up to the expectations that initial demo set.

ColdSin327d ago

Crackdown 3 was clearly in development hell. I don't buy the whole "Sumo Digital was the main developer from the beginning" thing.

It is clear that Reagent Games (the guys that were originally behind the game) were closed down in late 2017 after the Cloudgine technology was purchased by Epic.

The Cloudgine technology seemed to be extremely effective (looking at the Chaos demo that is hard to run on the most current PC hardware). Seems like the Crackdown 3 contract didn't specify the technology as part of the deal which may have resulted in the loss of all assets associated with the technology when it was sold. This, of course, made Microsoft delay the game and bring in a team that can build upon what was left from Reagent Games.

This whole thing just tells me that Dave Jones is not a trustable guy. If anybody reading this is in a position to deal with him, then don't.


IRetrouk327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Cloudgine was still used in crackdown 3 and reagent games were only ever consulting on the game because of jones.
The game was terrible, not what was promised, no excuses needed.

BlackIceJoe327d ago

I'm curious if the rumors will turn out true about more game studios being bought are real. If they turn out real, hopefully we get to see a turn base Japanese RPG, because that would be the one big area that would be beneficial to the Xbox brand.

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AngelicIceDiamond327d ago

If it is true then MS really has no choice. If they're 2 to 3 years out at least give us in engine assets like HBII.

Ausbo327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

InExile twitter said it’ll be awhile before we see it. Don’t expect it in July

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masterfox328d ago

imagine a Fable game with Unreal Engine 5!,......yes just imagine it cause most probably it will never happen.

Looper328d ago

Playground are working on Fable. Prolly not using UE5 though.

Spurg328d ago

This comment won't age well.

NeoGamer232328d ago

I don't know why so many are stuck on Fable. I want to see a completely new RPG unconstrained by a past game or story.

ColdSin327d ago

You will definitely see that, but not from Playground. It seems that Obsidian is working on an RPG (The RPG that convinced Microsoft to buy them).

WGAF327d ago

Nope, Fable is like zelda or final fantasy. They all have some recognizable and familiar elements to them, but each time the setting, characters, and story are different. Unless you dont like final fantasy or zelda ways of doing RPGs then maybe not.

Obscure_Observer327d ago


"You will definitely see that, but not from Playground. It seems that Obsidian is working on an RPG (The RPG that convinced Microsoft to buy them)."


Fable is an established and beloved Xbox franchise, MS build Playground´s 200+ employee new RPG studio from ground up and has been empowering that studio with big talent name from the industry for a reason. Another powerful talented British video game developer to honor and do justice to Peter Peter Molyneux and his former studio, Lionhead. :)

NeoGamer232327d ago

Peter was an idiot.

There are two types of visionaries...

1) Visionaries that have a vision that can be executed upon.
2) Visionaries that just dream

Peter was a dreamer. Visionaries that can't execute are pretty much useless.

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King7328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Inxile make top down rpgs games I’m sorry but most Xbox gamers ain’t going buy or play their games. Inxile games will probably interest pc gamers more than Xbox gamers.

Obscure_Observer327d ago


What most people didn´t realized yet, is that Phil Spencer´s ultimate goal is completely different from their predecessors.

He don´t want Xbox to be a brand recognized for what it used to be. He will not be satisfied with only former Xbox gamers making a come back, he wants Xbox to be appealing to Nintendo and Playstation fans as well. That´s why MS is investing in 5 in-house studios working on RPGs and RTS games, more SP focused games and now we know that he wants Xbox to be the house of horror games as well with 3 new exclusive horror games.

Wetpapertowel327d ago

But you guys don't like your single player games?

rainslacker327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Ummm....What you suggest MS making themselves into, is what people used to know them for. I think, what you meant to say is that Spencer doesn't want people to know what MS has become to be known for this gen, which is a company that doesn't work to support their console, or give players a reason to buy their consoles.

I'd be fine with that, if that's what you were trying to say, but you spent the whole generation saying that Spencer was doing a great job, even before he started doing a great job.

Obscure_Observer327d ago


"Ummm....What you suggest MS making themselves into, is what people used to know them for."

How people used to know MS in console market before Spencer:
- A company that cannot be trusted since they will drop support for their consoles in a heartbeat (Xbox 2001-2005)
- A company behind the dudebro console (Xbox 360)
- A company behind the always online, DRM, Kinect, Sports and TV focused console (Xbox One under Mattrick´s leadership)

"I think, what you meant to say is that Spencer doesn't want people to know what MS has become to be known for this gen, which is a company that doesn't work to support their console, or give players a reason to buy their consoles."

Well, for Xbox One´s players, generation isn´t over AND, will not be over till 2022.

As far reasons to buy an Xbox One console goes, I´m 100% positive that gamers has more reasons to buy an Xbox console under Spencer´s leadership, than YOU had when you bought yours.

"but you spent the whole generation saying that Spencer was doing a great job, even before he started doing a great job."

I didn´t spent my time asking for the guy´s head or calling him a liar when he said he would invest in new first party studios and games when he got promoted, that´s for sure. I put my trust in Spencer since the beginning, and I glad that my trust is paying off in spades.

You see, while some people are feeling deceived, angry, jealous and bitter, I´m happy, excited and hyped by Xbox´s future and it´s games. Good for me. Not so good for them. It is what it is. Life goes on.

Happy gaming. :)

aconnellan327d ago

“Most Xbox gamers ain’t going buy or play their games”

How do you figure that?

King7327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Because the type of games inxile make cater more to a pc base than a console base just like gear tactic does.

327d ago
galmi327d ago

what is wrong with you @king7

King7327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

[email protected] what do you mean what is wrong with me?

AngelicIceDiamond327d ago

Extreme inaccurate Xbox has mouse and Key board support. Halo Wars 2 Gears Tactics are wildly popular. Numerous RPGs and the like do very well on Xbox and the community.

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