CD Projekt is now Europe’s most valuable game company ahead of Ubisoft

Remarkable growth continues as The Witcher 3 celebrates its fifth birthday

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waverider1527d ago

Amazing stuff. Didnt imagined that they were the most valuable studio in europe.

robtion1527d ago

Great news. Hopefully there pro consumer policies catch on.

nirwanda1526d ago

It's a strange comparison considering a large part of Unisoft is in Canada.
Its pretty hard to compare you could say rockstar was European I recon most of take two cash would come from them.
GOG must make so much cash doing things properly.

SyntheticForm1526d ago

This makes me happy as of now, because I've gotten pure enjoyment from their games, and they've left quite the impression. Hopefully this keeps up.

Congrats to CDPR.

yellowgerbil1527d ago

Make one great game, or make 50 generic asset flip games... Companies need to learn from CD and Rockstar, IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME.

Father__Merrin1527d ago

It's not one great game. They actually run a store amongst other things

yellowgerbil1526d ago

I'm aware of that, but to my knowledge that store is like a mom and pop corner mart when compared to Steam and Epic.

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Xaevi1527d ago

That's pretty sad when you consider how long they've been in business, how many IPs they have, and studios too. I find it ironic, no I find it hilarious that by doing the EXACT opposite CDP has found huge success. Not just the opposite of Ubisoft but the opposite of on the store front too with no drm implemented in the games they sell on GOG. Yet the industry insist on releasing generic multiplayer games and ruining legitimate digital copies of games with DRM

Dabigsiebowski1527d ago

This is what happens when you don't make the same game over and over.

Ron_Danger1526d ago

You know the definition of insanity...