The Russian grindhouse gunner “Iron Meat” has just released its free PC demo

Screenwave Media and solo Russian developer Ivan Suvorov are today very proud and thrilled to announce that they have just released a brand new demo for grindhouse gunner, "Iron Meat" (you can get the free demo via Steam or itch.io).

1292d ago

Iron Meat is the Contra Sequel You've Always Wanted | Alpha Beta Gamer

Iron Meat is a fantastic side scrolling retro action platformer that’s essentially the Contra sequel you’ve always wanted.

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CrimsonWing69188d ago

My favorite Contra is Shattered Soldier

Venoxn4g188d ago

I like Contra and this one looks really decent


Iron Meat Demo Impressions | Desirable Contra-band – Guide Fall

Will Quick writes: "We took some time to sample Iron Meat by tasting the demo it has on Steam. After sampling, here's what we found out ahead of its release!"

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