Sony says it plans to reveal ‘a compelling PS5 games line-up’ soon

Company also says PlayStation Now has over 2.2 million paid subscribers

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UltraNova1527d ago

Soon like in July after GoT is out?

ColdSin1527d ago

No, in June as it is rumored. Early June.

Obscure_Observer1527d ago

"No, in June as it is rumored. Early June."


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bouzebbal1527d ago

Wow.. Let the greatness shine

Outside_ofthe_Box1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

"No, in June as it is rumored. Early June"

I'm gonna channel my internal observer. No freakin' way it's June. N4G told me that because Sony didn't announce any digital plans, that means they don't have any digital plans planned! 100s of events? Hah! :]

StormSnooper1527d ago

I think it will be in July.

Critic4l_Strik31527d ago

The rumored June 4th perhaps

badz1491527d ago

This can't be true because according to xbox fanboys, Sony has nothing for next gen and is still struggling on the PS5's cooling problems.

kreate1527d ago

I hope the reveal is good. Really hoping ...

Profchaos1527d ago

It could be a really good way to announce a smart delivery style system for ps5 just before the launch of tlou 2

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Sono4211527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Horizon zero Dawn 2 here we come, probably something from ready at dawn as well, hopefully a sequel to The Order 1886, that world and characters deserve a sequel and they haven't released anything after that game, besides that Deformers, which was a very minor multiplayer game, so I would say they are due for an announcement.

ABizzel11527d ago

The rumor is June, but there's also supposed to be a state of play in August, so honestly, it could be either.

The sooner the better, however, the June show could be all about The Last of Us 2, July GoT, and August full-on next-gen. That's a bold thing to do since that only gives them 3 - 4 months to market as hard as possible until the next console releases, but Xbox is supposed to do their show in July, so it makes sense Sony would like to see their show and see if they confidently want to show them up, or see if they price their box.

GTgamer1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

"June show could be all about The Last of Us 2, July GoT, and August full-on next-gen"

That is a terrible idea, do you know how pissed gamers would be if that June event is only about the last of us 2 and GOT 🤔 mannn people Wanna see sony's ps5 first party titles and they wanna see the PS5 Design/UI/etc and definitely show us how last of us 2 or GOT run on the PS5. If anything they probably won't announce the price unless they price it at $400 MS can't undercut that they can match it but definitely won't go lower.

CaptainHenry9161527d ago

Finally we're about to see some next gen games from their first party studios.

VTKC1527d ago

I was thinking GoT? Game of Thrones? Huh? Oh wait Ghost of Tushy!!!

rainslacker1527d ago

Either a 1-2 days before or after whatever MS has planned next perhaps? that seems to be a common method to their madness lately.

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BigBosss1527d ago

Anyone know whether or not if PlayStation Now is coming to Australia?

IAreBeMrLee1527d ago

Could you not just make a EU account and download it via that buddy?

Sono4211527d ago

I mean, it's a videogame streaming service, streaming a game on EU servers from Australia doesn't sound desirable to me.

IAreBeMrLee1527d ago

You can download a fair few titles nowadays though at least? Better than nothing I suppose?

boing11527d ago

Which european country because it's not available in mine?

Ratchet751527d ago

The expansion was due to start from March in India, new Zealand and Austria... etc but due to covid19, these plans have been put on hold.
I'm still confident Psnow should be available in these territories before year's end. 🤞🤞