Minecraft still incredibly popular as sales top 200 million and 126 million play monthly

Minecraft sales have officially topped 200 million, with 126 million people playing the game monthly. Microsoft is detailing the latest sales figures just as Mojang Studios celebrates 11 years since the first Minecraft alpha build was originally released.

Microsoft has also seen a big increase in Minecraft usage during the pandemic. Minecraft saw a 25 percent increase in new players last month and a 40 percent spike in multiplayer sessions.

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Spurg1223d ago

50 million copies at the time MS bought them and now it's at 200 million. Impressive

Jin_Sakai1223d ago

As if the game wouldn’t continue to be popular and sell without Microsoft purchasing them.

Obscure_Observer1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Well, it´s a EPIC sucess under MS and it´s all that really matters. ;)

Spurg1223d ago

It would have not been as successful as it is now.

Atom6661223d ago

Tell that to the detractors who tried to say that MS bought it after its peak.

For an even better time, check out some of the poor takes in old articles about the purchase from this site:


Kiwi661223d ago

You can't even give them any credit can you

coolbeans1223d ago

Nobody argued otherwise. What WAS argued at the time was whether MS' acquisition was a good purchase. Do you have an answer for that in hindsight?

AngelicIceDiamond1223d ago

4Show "I get the feeling that if in 1 year micro created 5 studio's from the ground up and bought out 1 you guys would still complain."

He said that all the way back in 14 and he was right ppl are still complaining. I need his crystal ball.

EasilyTheBest1223d ago

Atom666. Thanks for taking the time to put up that old N4G post, it's a brilliant read.
How wrong can some ppl get it..

danny8181223d ago

People swore MS was gonna kill off the IP tho

DJStotty1223d ago


You would say the same comment if it was Sony that owned them.

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Obscure_Observer1223d ago

"50 million copies at the time MS bought them and now it's at 200 million. Impressive"

Most impressive indeed.

More money to fund new first party studios, big name industry talents, games and IPs. :)

TeamIcoFan1223d ago

I certainly hope so.
No more kinect shit!

Nasdac1223d ago

Still this studio is clearly Multiplatform because the Brand name of Minecraft is way more powerful than Xbox. It is under MS but with the power to do anything they want and publish anywhere they want, if that wasn't the case, Minecraft never reach the unreachable.
The scale of sales over platforms..
PC > PS4 > Switch > Xbox

DJStotty1223d ago


Seriously doubt we will see anything kinect related seeing as the device was discontinued years ago.

DJStotty1223d ago


Just imagine if they created a Minecraft 2 only on xbox/pc, how many kids/adults would jump platforms?

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i3eyond the Circle1223d ago

They can play their cards right having the only DXR console on shelves. It’d absolutely be stupid to not bust the vast casual majorities ray tracing cherry with showing that just alone and detailing Xbox is the only feasible place you’re playing Minecraft DXR.

It could snowball into a ridiculous amount of sales...yes Minecraft can do that.

1223d ago
Kabaneri1223d ago

Looking forward to Minecraft Dungeons later this month.

rlow11223d ago

I don't think that's their is any get even close to this in terms of numbers. Alot of people said MS paid to much or were going to ruin it.......looks like the opposite came true.

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