Mojang Currently Working on Two New Games

Mojang changes their name to Mojang Studios, adopts a new logo, and teases two new games in development through a new trailer.

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Spurg437d ago

One of them is Minecraft Dungeons but I wonder what the other one is.

karlmarblazehorn435d ago

I hope they make Minecraft Tactics that sully prototyped to get his job there

phoenixwing435d ago

that's actually a version of minecraft i might play

porkChop435d ago

Minecraft Dungeons is already announced though. This is teasing two brand new games.

-Foxtrot437d ago

They could at least update Minecraft more

There’s so much they could add officially

King_Noctis435d ago

Minecraft got 6 updates since 2020 starts. Where have you been?

-Foxtrot435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

The nether update is the only main one

You’re counting the bedrock edition which is the mobile...I mean come on.

It’s not as meaty as what they used to release at a faster rate

Try again though...

They are under MS now they should have been packed full, taking inspiration from the biggest mods and be done at a faster rate

There’s no excuse

King_Noctis435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

“ You’re counting the bedrock edition which is the mobile...I mean come on. ”

Do you think the update, even on mobile, take no work or effort at all? They can just flip a button and everything work correctly?

“There’s no excuse”

They are dividing their forces to create another new game in Minecraft Dungeon. Isn’t making a new game a good enough excuse? Plus, they also have other editions to update, such as Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft VR. And you know how many platforms they need to support at once? Based on Wikipedia, more than 10.

They are also experimenting with new ideas. Minecraft is out for one decade now, how long can they keep supporting the game and making money from it?