The Case for Resident Evil 7 as Game of the Generation

In a generation filled with landmark titles, does Resident Evil 7 stand out above the rest? Read on to find out what made Capcom's horror epic so special.

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ArchangelMike1042d ago

I loved RE7, especially in VR. However for me it'll have to be God of War for GOTG

-Foxtrot1042d ago

Wouldn't even make the top 10

Resident Evil 2 Remake was better anyway

Concertoine1040d ago

It depends on how much stock you put in it being basically the first AAA VR game, the first solid VR horror experience, and it being the beginning of RE returning to the more old school nonlinear gameplay.

The game was good, my problem is that just when it starts to border on more than good, it ditches that metroid-y design that made the older games so satisfying to figure out. Also, the puzzles and enemies suck compared to the classic RE's.

I would also say RE 2 remake would be my preference, but the puzzles also still suck in that game.

kungfuian1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

RE7 in VR is as much like being in a lucid nightmare as it is playing a game. Nothing like it! Easily earns a spot in the top 5.

That said I'd still have to give the crown to Bloodborne! Nothing comes close to the level design, atmosphere, and overall immersion of that game.

Honorable mentions to Breath of the Wild for its amazing open world physics sandbox gameplay and sense of exploration, and Horizon for its gorgeous world, satisfying bow and arrow combat, and incredible enemy design.

GaboonViper1040d ago

Jack Baker for president.

Poopmist1040d ago

Solid game but not close to GOTG. I'd go with Witcher 3 for that. Ghosts or Cyberpunk have a chance to maybe take that spot though.

Nacho_Z1040d ago

Agreed about Resi 7 and good shouts for the others, I think Cyberpunk is going to be amazing.

At this point though Bloodborne is the GotG for me.

xenz1040d ago

Bloodborne... really?

1040d ago
PurpHerbison1040d ago

Agree on Bloodborne being GotG.

Nacho_Z1040d ago

@ xenz

Yep really, it's an incredible game if you enjoy the genre. Something genuinely special that comes along very rarely.

What would you put forwards?

PurpHerbison1040d ago

I'd imagine a lot of people powered through the game only concerning themselves with gameplay, and if that is the case then I can see how someone might not consider it. But if you go into the game and really pay attention to what it has to offer it is easily GotG. The lore alone in that game absolutely dismantles every other game out there.

EDKICK1040d ago

I mean I can see why people love it, especially in VR but I don't think it's even close to the best stealth horror game this gen. The last third or so really bring the game down imo.

Tacoboto1040d ago

It felt so tonally different compared to the earlier parts of the game. Maybe VR's GotG, preceding Half-Life Alyx.

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The story is too old to be commented.