ESA President Mike Gallagher on the Election of Obama and Its Impact on Videogaming

1UP writes "The election of Barack Obama as the 44th President met with dramatic response across the country. Along with the celebrations it fueled, the optimism of the moment got many people thinking about what the next four years could hold. Our own Sam Kennedy was so inspired, and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning after the election writing What Does an Obama Presidency Mean for Videogames? Michael Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), also sensed this as a moment for the collective consciousness of the American people, and put together his thoughts on the subject."

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Silogon3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

How long have democrats tried to regulate our entertainment? How long has Liebermann, Clinton and Biden fought to ban violent video games? How much of a struggle, until they got their way, did the Democrats put up to get Music & videogames rated and keep it out of minors ear/eye shot? Think back to Mortal Kombat... go read up on the cabinet of people who fought to have it banned here in America.

People who praise Obama "a democrat with all those people above in his cabinet now" need to maybe look at what Democrats have done to sanction american entertainment, let alone the guns we own and the oil we use.