Best of the Blu-ray players: Sony PlayStation 3 80GB

Price: $400

Thumbs up: The PS3, which can be upgraded to Profile 2.0 via high-speed Internet, offers an excellent picture (1080p output via an HDMI port) and top sound quality (7.1 Dolby TrueHD audio). Even DVDs look great on this machine. Along with the Pioneer, it was the fastest we tested at loading movies.

Thumbs down: You need an adapter to use a universal remote, as there's no infrared sensor. If you're over 30, you'll hate the joystick controller. Also, the PS3 eats power.

The big picture: This isn't a toy - it outperformed or equaled pricier rivals. For the price, it can't be beat.

Other Blu-ray players reviewed:

* Sony BDP-S350 = B
* Samsung BD-P1500 = B
* Panasonic DMP-BD50 = B-
* Samsung BD-P1500 = C

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swiftshot933834d ago

looks damn sexy (it would look sexier with the team ico game...)

Fobuo3834d ago

But the BluRay functionality in the Ps3 is simply outstanding

voodoo3413834d ago

PSN isn't actually that bad now. There isn't the massive gap between PSN and XBL that there used to be. In fact I do believe the NXE made XBL now slightly less user friendly than PSN. Kudos to Sony for sticking with it.

Nineball21123834d ago

I think this is really amazing... The PS3 is just an all around fantastic piece of hardware!

Out of 4 STAND ALONE blu-ray players, the PS3 comes out on top. You'd think that a piece of hardware designed specifically for one application (like a blu-ray player) would be better than a piece of hardware that is muli-functional.

The PS3 just offers such great value for the price.

Raoh3834d ago

wow, thats one hell of a blu ray run down.

i'm glad i have my two ps3's and hope to get my third when the next price drop happens.

great value indeed.

they should have at least mentioned the bluetooth remote.

Ps_alm3k3834d ago

You heard it guys, get your blu-ray Player.
HD-dvd is dead....Get your Blu-ray Player..
Dark KnighT!!!!!!!

Raoh3833d ago

already on reserve.

i'm going to drag any UPS/Fed Ex guy out of the first truck and beat them silly if i dont get my dark knight on expected delivery date


bviperz3833d ago

Dark night reserved here too!