Dreams PS4: Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games devs give tips for inspiration

A number of Sony-owned game studios released a video with tips for finding inspiration in Dreams PS4. The thoughtful compilation video features developers from studios including Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Sony Santa Monica, Pixelopus, and Media Molecule.

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Games1st136d ago

Naughty dog tips: start now and do 15 hours a day.

ilikestuff136d ago

Make an awesome game, ruin it with a sequel.

VerminSC136d ago

Get over it. You have seen an hour and a half of a 25 hour game. Is this how you base all decisions? You listen to 15 minutes of a 2 hour debate and make your decision off that? You read the final chapter of a book and decide the book sucks?

Ghostbob136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

make an awesome sequel.

Sono421136d ago

@Vermin this excuse is the worst one

1. it's 90 minutes - 2 hours of CUT-SCENES, that is a massive amount of cut-scenes, if it was gameplay I would agree, but in terms of cut-scenes that is a lot of content, I would argue probably anywhere from 20-30% of the games total cut-scenes, then you add that to all of the other cut-scenes officially released and it's probably most of the cut-scenes in game.

2. Not all cut-scenes are equal, there are very much so cut-scenes that are essentially filler, for example, all of Pittsburgh's cut-scenes could be spoiled for you and you really wouldn't get anything big spoiled.

Now the cut-scenes that were spoiled for the Last of Us Part 2 are all major events, so no, what you are saying is incredibly disingenuous, not to mention YES someone spoiling an ending IS a big deal, why do you think so many people are trying to avoid spoilers? Whether you want to admit it or not an ending is very important.

leoms136d ago

Awkward comment since the game haven't release yet.

Redemption-64136d ago

Whether you want to admit it or not the star of a game, middle and events leading up to the end are all very important. I saw the ending of Red dead redemption before finishing the game, but after knowing the whole story, and the events that lead up to you playing a completely different character it all made sense.

Sono421136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Alright so I was being WAY too generous with my initial post, The Last of Us Part 1 had an hour and a half of cut-scenes, so everything that leaked about The Last of Us Part 2 is already more than what we got in the original, so it is certainly more than 50% of all Part 2's cut-scenes, I would argue probably around 70% ESPECIALLY if you include the officially released cut-scenes. We have watched majority of the context and terrible conclusions and you still think it's jumping the gun to call it bad?

I mean at a certain point you have to give up these ridiculous delusions, well I guess that point will be when you either finally see the leaks yourself, or play the game, either way if you are a fan of the Last of Us 1, you should be ready for disappointment.

S2Killinit136d ago

Make a sequel that makes trolbots cry like little girls. There fixed it for you.

136d ago
ilikestuff135d ago

I feel like the spoilers they showed were pretty important plot points to a “story driven game“, that’s what a lot of y’all said when they said they were cutting multiplayer, so the spoilers drop and it shows that the story driven game’s story done drove into a wall. So what do u got then?
The last of us
Awesome story, graphics, gameplay, and some unique amazing strategy/teamwork based brutal multiplayer and addictive, I bet you could still find a game on its multiplayer today.
Last of us part 2
An unspeakably bad story (check the spoilers and you’ll agree if u have your head out ur butt) and they cut that incredible multiplayer, you’re left with great graphics and gameplay

The sequel won’t be near as good as the original. Come to grips with it, make fun of it with me and maybe they’ll learn their lesson and make the third game good.

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throne136d ago

and set the benchmark for video game design, effects and graphics leaving others in your wake.

Movefasta1993136d ago

LOL game design and graphics.

KyRo136d ago

As many many many other game studios that you've no doubt supported in the past. This isn't exclusive to ND.

Redemption-64136d ago

either way if you are a fan of the Last of Us 1, you should be ready for disappointment

Not everyone thinks and likes the same things, just because you are disappointed at a game you have not played yet from out of context leaks doesn't mean other fans will be.

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DOMination-136d ago

Insomniac Tip: If you release a load of rubbish frequently then eventually you'll strike it lucky with something half decent.

Teflon02136d ago

More like the opposite. They made hits after hits starting from Spyro all the way until they did multiplat

VerminSC136d ago

Avoid the comments boys, just a bunch of whiney complaining bitches.

anonymousfan136d ago

Except us ! Haven't gotten my hands on Dream yet I'm afraid it'll take over my life lol it looks really good :)

Silly gameAr136d ago

Any article that mentions Naughty Dog is always full of whiney complaining people. Guess they feel like they're justified in talking crap about the studio now, so they're going to take full advantage before they have to eat crow.

throne136d ago

true that, just imagine how they'll react when ND show the trailer for their next ip, heads will roll.

Jrios355135d ago Show
Tross136d ago

I wonder if they live by the ocean, because they're pretty salty.

TheRealTedCruz136d ago

Oh yes; avoid the legitimate issues so many fans of the original have.
They're the ones "whining". It's not the ones who can't take the criticism the leaks lead to.

leoms134d ago

''Welcome to the N4G bubble, where 80% of the population are biased, in favor of the Playstation brand.'' Where were you when people were getting myriad of downvotes for their excitment for TLOU2? People who makes these comments are always missing when something negative is being said about PS.

leoms134d ago

Fans of the original didn't go look for leaks and have been waiting for 7 years for that sequel I don't think they will listen to these supposed fans talk about these supposed legitimate issue about a game they haven't played yet. ''so many fans of the original'' lmfao

QSPR135d ago

xbots been so salty after the unreal event. I'm speechless!

TheRealTedCruz135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

There has been a tidal wave of criticism had over the leaks. A lot of them having been fans of the multimillion copy sold, award winning franchise.
Welcome to the N4G bubble, where 80% of the population are biased, in favor of the Playstation brand. Anything negative said about them, or their games, no matter how warranted, they are labeled as "xbox fanboys", thus anything negative said doesn't matter.

People like that truly are children, mentally, and are pathetic, if you ask me. Someday, perhaps, people with that sort of mental state may actually learn to accept criticism over the things they like, instead of just blanketing other people of holding the same level of bias that they do, though criticizing then kver it.

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