2404: Birth of America II: Wars in America Review

2404: "AGEOD, the publisher of the Birth of America series, is relatively new, but the brains behind it are practically as old as computer strategy gaming itself. Phillipe Thilbaut, the designer of the legendary Europa Universalis (the board game on which the slightly less legendary series is based) is the design brains behind this outfit, and by extension behind Birth of America 2.

The game is an operational simulation of a wide variety of military conflicts large (very large) and small, from the tiny brawl of Pequot's war in the middle of the seventeenth century to the continent-spanning War of 1812. Along the way players can choose from several grand campaigns, like the entire American Revolution or the entire French and Indian War. There are also smaller scenarios that deal with specific theaters in these larger struggles. Playing the American Revolution campaign all the way from start to finish (and winning, barely) took me about six hours all told, and I probably rushed it. So if you're into this game then you should have a lot of blissful stack shuffling ahead of you."

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