FFVII Remake's Cloud Is Based Off FFXIII's Lightning

Lightning Farron has long been called a Cloud Strife clone, but the remake has turned the tables: now it’s Cloud who’s a rip off of Lightning.

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-Foxtrot355d ago

Can we please stop trying to relate FFVII remake to FFXIII

It's clutching at straws now

Razmiran355d ago

I mean the co-director of VII R is the director of XIII
There are parallels to be drawn

rainslacker355d ago

The cloud as lightning thing has been around since FF13 first released. It's based on the concept art of what Cloud looks like, not that Cloud was made in Lightning's image. If anything, it's the other way around.

Razmiran355d ago

Oh no I know that, wasnt talking about this article in particular
One producer even said it was "Like a female version of cloud"

Eonjay354d ago

It was stated sometime ago that lightning was inspired by Cloud so they are literally saying that he inspired himself... Plot twist.

antikbaka355d ago

but why not? FF7R is just what FF13 should have been. Not like something bad.

curtain_swoosh354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

weird Statement mate, since the co-director and some of the Composers for the Soundtrack are from the 13 trilogy. lol. so id say there are alot of similarities when it comes to those two games.
we know you dont like 13, but people making comparisons isnt a bad thing.

-Foxtrot353d ago

It's not that I don't like XIII

It's the fact people who do like it are trying to jump on FFVII and even FFXV at the time by trying to make XIII relevant again.

It was a bad, poorly made Final Fantasy game with a bland main lead...3 games and they couldn't even save it.

Leave it and move on.

TheGamez100355d ago

Its the other way around. Cloud is what he is just like the original which came out years before xiii. I always thought lightning was a bad knockoff of cloud lol. Yikes.

KaaF355d ago

The director literally instructed Nomura to make her like a female version of Cloud Strife:

So yeah, she is based on Cloud, not the other way around, hell even the name "Lightning" comes from "Clouds".

NukeDaHippies355d ago

Have you ever noticed the start of FF13 feels like someone tried to recreate the bombing run, but didn't understand what made it good at all.

Kurisu354d ago

Yep. It's got the train, the robot Scorpion first boss, and in both games you're fighting the giant robo Scorpion with Cloud/Lightning and a black guy with a gun. Team Nora were clearly supposed to be AVALANCHE, too.

Antnee534355d ago

Kinda amazing looking at that cut scene of lightning and seeing that in such a small time games now play like that cut scene looks. I hope that makes sense I might have not worded that the best.

Jls1355d ago

Next ff13 remake lightning look like cloud

Elda355d ago

Their similarities are their attitudes... they want to get the job done asap with no BS including having a cold demeanor.

rainslacker355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Cloud seems to have more empathy and humor about him. Especially in the remake. Advent Children actually dropped the ball in this regard. Anyhow, he tries to be aloof, but he actually cares about others. Lightning really didn't care about much other than her family. As professional "solidiers", they were both what you say they were. Lightning's personality actually was that though, whereas Cloud's was a way to shield himself from pain.

Elda355d ago

It seemed both had barriers up but towards late in their stories they somewhat let their defenses down,becoming caring.

rainslacker354d ago

I never really felt that of lightning too much. Maybe a bit, but it was still just about her sister. She came to respect her companions, but that's about it.

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