What Microsoft and Xbox can learn from Sony and Nintendo gameplay reveals

Ghost of Tsushima was recently revealed during one of Sony's "State of Play" showcases, and the format is exactly what Microsoft should be gunning for with Xbox Series X reveals moving forward.

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yellowgerbil294d ago

They need to look at what they own that will excite people. Then put some of that money towards making it happen.
They will spend 1billion on advertising, instead cut that in half and hire every indie and 3rd party that is willing to work with you to make exclusive games. Hellblade cost 10mil, for 500mill they could finance 50 exclusive games for the first year, but they won't, because they are dumb.

ElementX294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

They already have exclusives, so does Sony. PS5 has Godfall, Series X has whatever... those are just the beginning. You can be sure both Sony and MS are opening their wallets even as we speak. I expect there to be a lot of timed or full exclusives from 3rd parties on both consoles.

yellowgerbil293d ago

What I am getting at is. If in an alternate world xbox didn't release onto PC and they came with a bunch of exclusives by just paying companies to make games.
Say they went to Sega and said, heres 100 million dollars, make a Jet Grind Radio and Crazy Taxi game for us.
Then they went to Capcom and said Here's 100 Million dollars, Make a exclusive remake of Dino Crisis for us.
Then they went to Ubisoft and said Here's 100 million dollars, Make an exclusive remake of Splinter Cell for us.
Then they went to Bethesda and said Here's 100 million dollars, We'll make Fallout from now on as you can't be trusted to.
Then they went to 10 more companies tossing money around.
That is pretty much what they'd have to do to get me to go Xbox over playstation (never will happen, but hypothetically)

S2Killinit293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Thats exactly what they had been doing in previous generations. Except that this strategy only works in the beginning of each generation when instal bases are small enough to tempt developers to forgo the sales they could earn from releasing on both plagforms. Even MS cant afford to buy exclusives after console sales pass a certain point. THIS IS WHY xbox tends to have a great start and then fades to almost nothing but halo, gears, forza at the mid point of each generation. The danger of this strategy is if they quickly get outsold by PlayStation, even the initial exclusivity purchases become harder to afford like they did with xbox one. Also, since backward compatibility has become a thing, it will be even worst for MS’s strategy which is why they finally, reluctantly, decided to invest in their own studios as PlayStation’s install base is now too large for MS to easily buy exclusivity.

ElementX293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Why does it matter if games release on PC? Steam has over 60m users if I remember correctly. That's a large potential consumer base that really shouldn't be ignored. Why shouldn't PC gamers enjoy games? At least with MS acquiring studios, the devs are able to continue to release on PC like many of them have in the past. Why change that? InXile, Obsidian, Double Fine, Ninja Theory, Mojang, Compulsion... all released games on PC and have fans on that platform. PC is the MS home turf, they released their first PC game back in 1981.

Sciurus_vulgaris294d ago

I think too many of these articles have been written. Firstly, the games at inside Xbox May 2020 where 3rd party. The lesson is don't trust 3rd parties to show proper gameplay. Many companies are hesitant to do proper gameplay reveals.

alb1899293d ago

True and it was just a beginning. Things will come together by July.
Then I will critic without mercy what they have shown.

EasilyTheBest293d ago

What was wrong with the Hellblade 2 trailer? That was perfect, no gameplay but it has me well interested

Obscure_Observer293d ago

"Ghost of Tsushima was recently *revealed* during one of Sony's "State of Play" showcases"

Windowscentral is clueless. Lol. XD

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