Bully May Be Doomed to Live in Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption's Shadow

Despite several rumors and fan hype surrounding a Bully sequel, the series may have become a victim of Rockstar Games' burgeoning success.

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Knightofelemia439d ago (Edited 439d ago )

They build it I will buy it loved Bully so much I bought the XB1/360 package of Bully. Of course I like Rockstar RDR2 is great still gotta get around to the first one again. As for Bully it may not have the same in depth story as RDR2 and yes it lives in its shadow but there are fans of the series who still enjoy the game. I mean there aren't that many games out there where you get to be an asshole kid and pick on other students and fight teachers. I can't wait for Bully 2 if Rockstar pumps it out and playing it on PS5. There aren't many game studios I like Rockstar is under the list of a studio I like I still want an LA Noire 2.

anonymousfan437d ago

I think Bully 2 would be great but... I kinda feel like the concept of a "Bully" has taken a worse rep than usual in the last 10 years... I feel they are maybe unsure how well they'd be able to market it in today's overly sensitive trend... (To put it mildly)

b163o1437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Bully was and still is great. When I came out on the PSN I got it again. The story is deep, the gameplay was fun as hell, I mean who hasn't thrown a teacher in a locker, or trash can. Who hasn't thrown marbles on the floor, or got caught riding your skateboard in the halls. Bully IMO is better the RDR GASPH!!! As far as gameplay it's better. The story does not have the depth of RDR, I'd never argue that but I think its better, idk I never finished rdr2 story was to slow imo...

I honestly think R* is working on bully, maybe not R*North but they have a few divisions, and with DanHouser leaving I think R* will be pushing out more titles. They only game they dropped the gen was RDR2 if I'm not mistaken

Imalwaysright437d ago

When has Rockstar ever cared for political correctness?

RabbitFly437d ago

Well that is more a marketing challenge based on a misunderstanding. As Bully is not a game about a bully, but really a game about someone being bullied and finding the strength to overcome. In that sense it is very political correct.

Yea I am romanticizing it a bit. But Jimmy is technically the outcast kid that everyone picks on until he finds an in with every group becoming the hero of his community per say. In a way it is a bullied kids fantasy.

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camel_toad437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

I can definitely see them coming out with a Bully sequel. I'm sure they were pretty passionate about that one.

KyRo437d ago

Give me a Bully 2 any day after the bore fest that was RDR2.

jeromeface437d ago

Why, so you can complain about it too? Piss off.

KyRo437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

No. The first RDR was incredible. The second game was an absolute chore to play which the majority of players agree on. Bully was the much better game out of the two franchises.


mark3214uk437d ago

that is the reality now, i think gta 6 was due last year/this year but with the boost in online revenue for gta v i think there delaying it

jambola437d ago

You think gta 6 would come out less than a year after red dead 2?

Profchaos437d ago

Rdr2 was meant to launch in 2017 so if you account for the years delay two years seems pretty acceptable

MajorLazer437d ago

Not a chance GTA VI was due this year/last year

chicken_in_the_corn437d ago

If anything held up GTA VI, it was RDR2's delay

Profchaos437d ago

The internal story is that rockstar wasn't happy with San Diego on the quality of rdr2 and bright in rockstar north to fix it up and make it enjoyable this is also why the entire studio is created for it not just San Diego.

If anything this caused rockstar Norths project delay

RabbitFly437d ago


That sounds like a very loosely justified conspiracy theory to me.

Red Dead Redemption was also developed in a joined effort by San Diego and Rockstar North.

San Diego also worked on GTA V with Rockstar North.

More likely is that these games have gotten so complicated to develop that they are forced to bring in the other teams to help finish the product.

The rocky history between Rockstar San Diego and Rockstar as a whole aside. These developers have been cooperating on every project since Red Dead Redemption.

GTA VI would not have gone out of pre-production before after the release of RDR 2 though. That much is clear.

King_Noctis437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

The Rockstar we used to love during the PS2 era is sadly nearly gone. What is there right now are a bunch of greedy corporate suits that don’t seem to care much about what the gamers want.

By the way, one new game for an entire generation? Really, Rockstar?

DrDeath437d ago

RDR and GTA take an entire generation to make. Like 7 years development time. They're massive and only require 1 per gen to make them their money anyways.

TFJWM437d ago

Considering their sales they do know what gamers want...

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Profchaos437d ago

Unfortunately you're correct I would buy literally anything rockstar put out from omni and h30 surfing to GTA and other big titles.

Rockstar always meant quality and it still does but there's undoubtedly some internal issues going on the the point Dan Houser has left aswell as Leslie benzies lots of the talent that wrote these stories and characters are gone.

Unfortunately GTA v brought with it online and really started rockstar down a different path. rdr2 was excellent at redeeming story driven games but one title in an entire generation is such a disappointment I know they never want to sacrifice for the sake of a quicker launch date but I kind of wish they at least put something out a little more frequently.

anonymousfan437d ago

Yeah... Kinda like, Bethesda keeping us waiting forever for the next TES

jambola437d ago

Except rockstar are competent game developers

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oof46437d ago

Bully isn't dead. It's vacationing on a remote island with Half-Life 3.

King_Noctis437d ago

Splinter Cell is sneaking around that island somewhere.

instantstupor437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Oh god, Fischer got bored and THAT's why we don't have these games anymore! {shakes fist, shouts to heavens} UUUUUbisooooofffft!

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