Scorn dev states that CPU is the game changer next generation

Ebb Software thinks that it's the CPU, not the SSD that will turn the tide this coming hardware generation.

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NecrumOddBoy1381d ago

Lol... okay buddy

Where is your gameplay to show us CPU power?

isarai1381d ago

There's quite a bit of gameplay of scorn though...

Fishy Fingers1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I wouldnt go on the old gameplay too much. From the source interview:

"Basically 80% of that part of the game you saw has changed, let alone the rest of the game.”

The original gameplay was a demo for investers.

sushimama1381d ago

That gameplay DOES NOT look 'next gen'.

S2Killinit1381d ago

MS: quick get a developer to talk about CPU.

That gameplay looks alright. Borderline current gen i think. Iooks like its running on PC.

monkey6021381d ago

Yeah theyve said that old build was a demonstration to show backers that they could in fact make a game but is entirely unrepresentative of the final product.

We do in fact have no idea how this game is going to play out.

But they do have my attention

RpgSama1381d ago

I wouldn't brag about that footage, it has a wonderful art direction, but gameplay and graphics wise it looks not only really rough (understandable because it's alpha) but decidedly not "Next-Gen"

KyRo1381d ago

Sushma, gameplay in general has hardly changed much since last generation. It's just more refined.

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brrdat1380d ago

how much of it displays cpu power?

SyntheticForm1380d ago


S2Killinit: Quick, let's try to discredit the entire piece and the developer because he's making a game for Xbox Series X, and he's talking about the upgraded CPU more keenly affecting his work than any other component.

Babadook71380d ago

Quick let’s assume game changer refers to an individuals opinion as opposed to an industry wide objective truth.

Donnie811380d ago

Yeah I think this game looks so weird but intriguing

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no_more_heroes1381d ago

I imagine the "game changer" any one dev will differ depending on what their games utilize. For these guys it might be the CPU. For other guys its the SSD. For some, the memory bandwidth of the GPUs.

ArthriticPowers1381d ago

Agree entirely! Obviously it will help more through the cross gen transition

SyntheticForm1381d ago

It's all a game changer, really, but in my personal opinion it's the CPUs and SSDs. Developers and gamers have been clamoring for better CPUs since the start of the generation.

They're both very important.

rainslacker1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

For some, it could be all of the above....or none at all.

My personal opinion while making tools to use on next gen consoles....I think the SSD is what will allow for the greatest advancements for those that really try to innovate game design. Graphics are easy to improve. Game design is much deeper than that though, and it's the game design itself which has mostly stagnated since last gen to now.

ArthriticPowers1381d ago

Just trying to get different opinions from actual devs out there mate. I think SSD's will give us heaps more once developers drop support for mechanical hdd's later this gen. Sony exclusives are the only thing that MAY make use of it in substantial ways at launch (since Microsoft has annouced 1-2yr min of xbox one support) If you only want to see articles that support your opinion don't click.

Rude-ro1381d ago

It is the entire infrastructure of the hardware and that can only be driven by a vision in gaming.
The ssd is not the secret sauce, it is just a part of it. Like teraflops in a pc... not the “sales pitch” Microsoft made it out to be.
Unless you have an 8k monitor or tv... you can have all the teraflops you want.. you still will not get anything other than a larger power bill.
Rendering what is in the game at 4k is where all the bottlenecks becomes relevant.
Speed, new game engines, and innovation is where you will see the “next gen”.
^ add in a company that has been dedicated to a vision with award winning techniques and games... then you have something to always look towards with their products.

With Microsoft.. it is always “wait till next year” because when you use more hype than actual results.. you only have hope vs confidence.

Example: will halo infinite return halo to its formal glory while playing like a new gen game? We can only hope.

Past example: crackdown 3 hyped up to be gen defining and a huge advancement in cloud gaming.
Result: The old engine re-used with 4k resolution and a laughable version of cloud gaming.

rlow11381d ago

You might be right but I think their going to want to fully support the 100+ PS4 players. So I still see them making sure all first parties support it. At least for awhile, because that's a lot of money to leave off the table.

1381d ago
Rude-ro1381d ago


That’s what I said.
Are you referring to the gpu?

The cpu needs speed and less bottlenecks.

The engines are just as important as the hardware per seeing gen defining leaps.

We are also talking innovation and evolution with Sony.
Not more make up on old game engines for cheap costs and better profits.

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CaptainCook1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Scorn is going to be Native 4k 60fps on Xbox Series X, they're looking into implementing Ray Tracing as well.

What did Epic show? Tech demo running at 1440p 30fps on PS5 with No Ray Tracing.

ArthriticPowers1381d ago

Interactive tech demos and gameplay are definitely very different things. In saying that UR5 coupled with a solid SSD being mandated looks game changing from first impressions

blackblades1381d ago

There was ray tracing, there own form of it. They also used 8k textures, and 1440 doesnt matter from the looks of it. The so called tech demo was also playble and made on a early dev kit uncompressed I believe. Stop using the same excuse to make yourself feel better.

CaptainCook1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )


Luman isn't Ray Tracing. Even digital Foundry stated this....

IRetrouk1381d ago

They said it incorporates some raytracing into it, the bounces I think? Not sure but would have to watch the vid again, it's right at the start if that's any help.

waverider1381d ago

Dude, keep thinking that... No hardware Ray tracing.... Its a diferent thing.

RazzerRedux1381d ago

Why are pretending this tech demo for an engine not even set to release for another year and not going to have actual optimized games for years after that is representative of anything other than some highlighted features of UE5? You are pushing this Xbox narrative that what Epic showed was somehow even remotely close to a final product. That is fanboy nonsense and you know it.

IRetrouk1380d ago

Found it, skip to 00:48 and listen to what's being said, there is indeed some ray tracing used.


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waverider1381d ago

The cpu upgrade is very nice for this gen. But the ssd is the biggest jump for this gen