8 Things Sony’s Rumored PS5 Reveal Event Needs to Deliver

Sony is rumored to be holding a big PS5 event in early June, but what do they have to reveal to get the hype train back on track?

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morganfell192d ago

The hype train isn't off track because it isn't bending to the will of a blog. Sony is burning up the tracks right now having been very tactical about the manner they are proceeding toward reveal. These ridiculous articles are proof. And I say blog because for a site that is supposed to be based on news and objective analysis of tech they have lately performed like any rabid fanboy employing junior varsity ideas of power and next generation.

Tross192d ago

Sounds like games journalism in this day and age in a nutshell. I've lost track of how many blog writers think that what they think is the truth that should be applied to the industry as a whole. They'd never make it as journalists in any other sphere.

Mr_Writer85192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

All Sony have to do in one event is.

- Show the console
- Show 2/3 launch exclusives (if they have more than 3 then they laughing)
- Show any 3rd party launch games
- Show off the UI, and talk about any features it has
- Show off future first and third party games (coming in the 12-18 months after the launch month)
- Announce price and pre order date (most likely same day).
Sounds like a lot but it really isn't. The hype will reach peak after that.

RpgSama192d ago

I think they will do a little bit less in the next one, there surely will be another event after June and before launch, there's still so much to cover, I think for them to show the console, show 2 to 3 exclusive games and then explain the improvements and show us the improvements made possible by the SSD and this custom hardware it's more than enough for this next one.

Then maybe another deep dive into the UI & the features a month after the June One and a big one with third party games and the roadmap for the first year in the last one before launch.

lazyboyblue192d ago

FACT: I've never seen a product with so little marketing create such hype.

THC CELL192d ago

That's what ms always falls for too

sourOG192d ago

Yeah it’s weird honestly. I mean I’m hyped to see more too but to see people actually saying how “less is more, so brilliant” is funny to watch. It’s like some Stockholm syndrome effect.

Tross192d ago

I think what people are really saying is, Sony doesn't have to spill everything just because people are impatient. They can do things on their own timing. I trust the judgement of the executives at a company whose last product shipped 110 million over someone in the comments section of N4G any day.

sourOG191d ago

They can do whatever they want. I’m saying the people saying a non-existent marketing is brilliant is weird and has no merit. Of course people are excited about the ps5. Of course the PS4 is the cause of the excitement. Saying the marketing is some genius move is nonsense. The downvotes and overly defensive response tells me what I need to know.

Realms191d ago

This idea that Sony has to react to MS is equally puzzling, Sony isn't doing anything much different than when they launched the PS4. Yet the criticism over not revealing "enough" information is just being used by those that don't even care about PS as some sort of excuse to pile on Sony. Personally I trust Sony since they have a proven track record of delivering games, plus they still have games coming soon so I'm cool with them taking their time. If we are to believe those in the know the current events threw a huge wrench in Sony's marketing of the PS5

sourOG191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Again, I’m not talking about trusting a track record. Nobody is saying that the PS4 wasn’t good. My point is people are basing their excitement for the PS5 on the PS4. Precisely because there is no PS5 marketing. That’s the whole point lol. I don’t care if people trust executives. It doesn’t change the fact that saying “no marketing is genius” is weird and dumb. I’m not saying “Sony hasn’t shown enough”, it’s their choice. They have their snags and reasons I’m sure. I’m talking about the random Articles talking about how brilliant it is to not show anything. That’s dumb.

Are you saying that “no marketing is a brilliant move”? No, I wasn’t talking about you. Tross wasn’t saying that either, I don’t get why the defensive comments lol.

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Tross192d ago

All they really had to do was release a logo. It takes skill to make hype creation look so effortless.

monkey602192d ago

The longer they leave it, the more I expect from the reveal.

If we have to wait until June now I would like a full blow out.
Launch line up, A look at the design, Release date (even a rough idea like "November), Hell even a price at this stage would be nice. With a baby now and a wedding coming I'd appreciate being able to budget Haha

One thing I assume is possible but need to know for a fact is being able to play online with my PS4 buddies

Mr_Writer85192d ago

"One thing I assume is possible but need to know for a fact is being able to play online with my PS4 buddies"

I'm pretty sure they said that will be possible. Will look for a link and will edit if I find one.

RpgSama192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Dude, if you're in the states apply for a "My Best Buy" card, not the credit card one, the one that you can use only for Best Buy Purchases, you can finance everything you buy between 12 to 24 months with a 0% interest rate, 0 down, I buy all my electronics from them, put auto pay and forget about it, I'm preordering my Ps5 with them day one and I will probably pay it in a year's time, giving me money to actually buy games for myself and Christmas presents for my wife & my daughter (which at least in the case of my wife I usually buy them from them too)

monkey602192d ago

I'm not from the states I'm afraid bud but thanks for the info

RpgSama192d ago (Edited 192d ago )


Too bad man, I've been living here for the past 3 years and is easily the best deal in electronics anywhere, I don't even care about Black Friday deals at other places, the choice to pay things at 0% in that span of time easily surpass any deal anywhere.

monkey602192d ago

I have an option in work to buy electronics and pay off over 6 months at 0% interest with a 35euro account fee or over 1 or 2 years at 3.5% with the account fee. Which is really good too but I dont really like to have things hanging over me. I prefer to save up front and buy then. Live by my means so to speak. You never know what the future holds and I think that's something we've all seen happen so suddenly this year alone.

RpgSama192d ago


100% agree, I usually do it for "little" things, What I do is I save all if not the full amount of what it costs and then finance it anyway, that way if anything happens I know I can pay it in full or at least get me going for a lot more months.

I would never max out the card or buy a 5k Tv or something like that.

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SyntheticForm192d ago

Right now their hype train is very much on track.

They'll be fine, unless they do something catastrophic, which I doubt they will.

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