IGN: The Godfather II Hands-On

The game starts in 1959 Cuba with Michael Corleone and other made men going down for Hyman Roth's birthday where he divides up his empire amongst the families represented. Players are cast as Dominic, a young man working for Aldo Trapani, the protagonist of the first Godfather game. Since you're a low level guy, you're tasked with menial chores such as checking up on members of the family at the party and paying your respects. However, this allows you to gain a little insight into the conversational aspects of the game, which feature some branching mechanics during key moments. Players are allowed to select one of four different responses, all of which will impact how that person reacts to you and what they'll do in response.

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supahbad3835d ago

i was just wondering about this game today, i hope it turns out good. and btw where has Mafia2 been?