Teamxbox : "Things We Love About Crackdown"

Teamxbox Previews a few things you will love about Crackdown.

From the Preview: "The game definitely gets better as you play more and learn the rules of the proverbial road. By the time you've gotten to the 4-star level in all of your abilities, you'll be having a blast. I know I am. So, without further ado, here's a brief list of some of the things we love about Crackdown."

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Zinswin4864d ago

He mentions many things about the game that I really like in the demo, too. I am a bit scared the reviewer mentions he is just about done with single player in 2 days. Hopefully multiplayer has some great action in it with added mini games or something.

USMChardcharger4864d ago

Yeah i noticed that too. maybe he has been playing for 48hrs straight, lol.

i like how the ground cracks when you land...nice touch.

looks like a game that you can just get lost in screwing around. looks fun.

gogators4864d ago

me put down Lost Planet when it comes out.