Is Ghost of Tsushima PlayStation's Next Great Exclusive?

Now that the Sucker Punch samurai story has been fleshed out, see what the GI Show panel has to say about the game ahead of its July 17 release date.

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Jin_Sakai336d ago

It’s looking great so possibly yes. I enjoyed every minute of gameplay during State of Play.

Thunder_G0d_Bane336d ago

Yep and it's from sucker punch the Dev behind infamous which is another great franchise for Sony.

RpgSama336d ago

A resounding Yes! This is going to be the game that takes Sucker Punch from the great developer status they have now to a world class status, another one in the bag for PlayStation Studios.

VTKC336d ago

Well it depends how good or terrible that "golf" game many were talking about.

bouzebbal336d ago

i dont know everyone but to me it felt more alive than that PS5 tech demo..
i'm not saying it looks better i said more alive and more immersive. the gust of wind and aerodynamics are really pushed to the extreme.. clothes movements, grass and vegetation are highly detailed.
i also noticed that particle effect SP are masters of, after those amazing ones from Second Son.

RpgSama336d ago

You have to take into account the scope of the demo, what they wanted to show was not what Next Gen is capable of in it's entirety, but to show Lumen and Nanite technology running on a Ps5, that's it, no RTX, no other effects, nothing of that sort.

When developer take U5 tech and use it to make a real game and they start introducing all these different effects and systems, imagine then what a studio like Sucker Punch would be able to do with the PS5 capabilities + the New Engine.

Spicyram336d ago

Most definitely. But to be fair, Playstation's next masterpiece is TLOU 2 - and boy, are these 2 games going to produce salty tears in abundance.

bouzebbal336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

and both coming out in one month period.. insanity!

Spicyram336d ago

It's another one indeed! :D

porkChop336d ago

Oh TLOU 2 is gonna produce some tears, you're right about that.

bouzebbal336d ago

b...bbb..bbbut it leaked the other day and it looked b...bbbb..boooooring :'(

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The story is too old to be commented.