Nvidia tech Demo GTC 2020

Nvidia Shows off new graphics tech


I Went to Eve Fanfest Before Playing EVE Online: What a Ride

Heading into EVE Fanfest with players, developers and everyone in between was an intimidating experience, but one I am so glad I didn’t shy away from.

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Atari’s survival-horror adventure “Haunted House” is coming to PC and consoles on October 12th, 2023

"Atari taps into its horror roots with Haunted House, a roguelite revival of the first-ever survival horror game that made its debut on the Atari 2600 in 1982. Now reimagined as a stealth-horror adventure from Orbit Studio, the minds behind Retro Machina, "Haunted House" is ready to creep onto PC and consoles on October 12, 2023." - Atari.

shinoff218332m ago(Edited 32m ago)

Not gonna lie. I could fk with this. I used to play that damn Casper the ghost game on ps1 all the time. This made me think of that.


Best Cyberpunk 2077 builds for 2.0

The best Cyberpunk 2077 builds for the 2.0 update make the most of the reworked Perks system for some devastating and fun playstyles.

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anast5h ago

This time I am doing a cool-body-reflex build.