How The Ascent Takes Advantage of Xbox Series X

Tor Frick and Arcade Berg of developer Neon Giant talk about how action-RPG The Ascent became an Xbox Series X launch title, and the ways it will take advantage of the power of this next-gen console.

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PrinceAli530d ago

Those cutscenes need work lol... but the game looks beautifulll!!

timotim530d ago

Interesting stuff. He said "no one has seen what next gen can really do right now" sure we are going to see some mind blowing stuff.

NewMonday530d ago

"no one has seen what next gen can really do right now"

not on XboxSX no. but we have seen what next gen looks like on PS5, it's mindblowing.

Wulfer530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

No you haven't seen what it can do on PS5, all you saw was scripted movement with no AI or RT. So until you've see actual games and not a PR sales pitch then you can claim you've seen the PS5!

Trueflames530d ago

XSX is way stronger you haven't seen anything till June 20th

Neonridr530d ago

dude.. seeing an engine is not PS5.

NewMonday530d ago

Epic said in the Geof interview the demo was played on a PS5 dev kit and not like their usual cinematic demos.

and global illumination IS ray tracing.

Godmars290530d ago

Strength isn't everything.

Especially when you do nothing with it...

DJStotty530d ago


No we have not "seen what the PS5 can do" that was a tech demo, of a game engine running on a PS5 dev kit, showing engine features available on xbox series X, PS5, and PC, as well as the engine being available on all other platforms for game developers.

Come back when we see PS5 gameplay from an actual game.

An 8 year old tech demo called agni's philosophy was supposed to show next gen RPG graphics, still waiting for a game to look like that.

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CobraKai530d ago

It looks good, but it’s not mind blowing. I think there are current gen games that look better; like Ghosts of Tsushima, Cyberpunk, Last of Us 2.

Godmars290530d ago

Looking at this trailer and all I'm thinking is where is the Mass Effect game like this?

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