Console Monster: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review

Console Monster writes: "Let's face it; Crystal Dynamics are doing a great job reviving Lara Croft's previously dwindling reputation. After disappointing fans with Angel of Darkness; Legend and Anniversary were just the refresh the franchise needed. Both titles left me content and eager to see where Crystal would take Lara next. With Underworld being Lara's true 'next gen' adventure and a tie up of unanswered questions in previous titles, will fans be satisfied with a reinvented Lara or is it time we tuck the old girl to bed?

Underworld continues on from Legend, your main objective is to locate Avalon, an otherworld in which Lara's mother disappeared to many years ago. The majority of Underworld also revolves around the mythology of Thor, a Norse god whose hammer could smash mountains into valleys and even destroy gods..."

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