Why Final Fantasy is More Popular than Dragon Quest in the West

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest have had very different trajectories across the world, and there's a very good reason for that.

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rataranian257d ago

A: Because it hasnt been a turn based series since like 10. Meanwhile DQ is still turn based to this day. The end.

Zeldafan64257d ago

Dragon Quest X wasn't turn based but it also wasn't released in the west.

indysurfn256d ago

Dragon quest and Final fantasy where turned based since 1987 until this year. The real reason Dq is not as popular is the west does not like Slap stick comedy with there turn based games. Especially VERY cartoony slap stick where people start dancing and stuff. It is a cultural thing.

Seraphim257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

I don't mind action but I'd say I probably prefer turn based. I loved XV despite the fact it focuses only on Noctis and has it's flaws but DQ XI, imo, was one of the best RPGs of this generation alongside Persona 5 at #1. #2 would probably be Dark Souls 3. #3 might be Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and so on. FFXV, that falls, at the very least, out of the top 10.

Anyway I don't think it's necessarily anything to do with the combat system. Just, that for whatever reason DQ has never gotten the attention it deserves from the West. Final Fantasy holds a special place in peoples heart be it NES-SNES OGs or FFVII being their first entry into the series. DQ, if I'm not mistaken, has never gathered the sales in the West until XI so people simply don't know how great the series actually is. 2 cents

indysurfn256d ago

I'd put the legend of Heroes trails of cold steel 1 2 and 3 at the top and then Id agree with your other games.

SegaGamer257d ago

Final Fantasy was more popular when it was a turn based series.

Gardenia257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Not because it's turn based. Final Fantasy also was turn based for a long time. It's because Final Fantasy VII was a huge success in the west. From that moment on everyone knew Final Fantasy.

But I have to say; while I enjoyed Dragon Quest XI, I think the fighting was the weaker part of the game. It's kind of boring and slow even for a turned based game. If they can make that more interesting, than it could be more successful in the west.

Also releasing it a year after the Japan release without marketing the game doesn't help either.

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Fraggle1987257d ago

because its a far superior series. Dq is a boring generic series by comparison that sticks too rigidly to formula and has no ambition as a result. Night and day.

roadkillers257d ago

Both FF and DQ bore young kids. FF was mature enough in terms of graphics and story while DQ was not. Simple as that. DQ and FF are both very good though with 10(imo) being the best in each series.

indysurfn256d ago

Yeah of course most kids cant even play most games. This is for thinking people.

CrimsonPheonix256d ago

Dragonquest is too generic. "The Hero" is "The Chosen one" and he must grind through slow as molasses turn based battles to save the land or the princess is basically all of them.

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Positivelypositive 257d ago

I found the stories in Final Fantasy to be far superior than dragon quest. 8 and 11 did a decent job but still not on final fantasy's level. Final Fantasy stories can touch you on an emotional level. Dragon Quest stories are just kinda there. 11 Really tried but still the movie Dragon Quest your story proved they can do a much better job than they are in the games.

Nerdmaster257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

I love(d) Final Fantasy, but I have to say that its stories usually are a little too convoluted, specially the newest ones.
Instead of getting thrown into a world of l'cie, fal'cie and cie'th, or a world in which I need to watch a movie, 5 anime episodes, and play all DLC just so I will care a little bit about its characters, I'd choose the simpler Dragon Quest stories.
Square even managed to overcomplicate FFVII Remake's plot with its last chapter and all that nonsense...

Immagaiden257d ago

“Final Fantasy 7 sported a dark and edgy design that stood in direct opposition to the normally bright and cheery JRPG. Other games followed suit and the colorful aesthetic of Dragon Quest simply didn't hold the same appeal for Western audiences at the time.”

That’s a tired excuse. A colorful aesthetic didn’t stop Dragon Quest from achieving widespread success in the west. Plenty of other colorful RPGs found success outside of Japan, with Pokémon being the greatest example. Dragon Quest is even fortunate enough to share the same art style with Dragon Ball, which was and still is a global phenomenon.

When DQI-DQIV released on NES they were part of a niche genre outside Japan. The series went dormant outsold of Japan after DQIV for 8 years and the first new releases to hit the west were spinoff titles. The mainline series didn’t make it back to the west until DQVII in 2001, which was very late in the PS1’s lifecycle to attract a large enough audience to propel the series.

Dragon Quest VIII is the title most western gamers are familiar with because it was the first to be released in Europe, and released during the middle of PS2’s lifecycle along with being packaged with the FFXII demo. However since many people were accustomed to their entry into the series being on a console, many people didn’t take kindly to DQIX being exclusive to a handheld.

DQXI performed well enough in the west, but it’s wishful thinking to believe it could suddenly perform as well in the west as Final Fantasy. Even when other Japanese series become more prominent in the west such as Tales of, Yakuza, Nier, Persona, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade they still didn’t reach the commercial success of Final Fantasy. Only series to do that was Monster Hunter

Furesis257d ago

Hey!! someone who knows their shit. I didn't know that. Makes sense (Compared to most comments).
I've heard nothing but good things about DQ but i've never played it. It just never was on my radar but i'll be playing 11 very soon!

God it feels good to read a smart comment ones in a while.

Zeldafan64257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) was what got me into RPGs back in the early 90s. I like FF but I don't have any childhood nostalgia for it because I didn't play a FF game until X. The Xenoblade Chronicles series is now rivaling my love for Dragon Quest for favorite rpg series.

indysurfn256d ago

Both you guys need to jump onto: The legend of heroes trails of cold steel! If you get past the 22 hour intro.
You will NOT be able to put it down. Or the two direct sequels. You will like it so much that just like most people. You will go back and play the Trials in the sky trilogy and the crossbell duology.

TheColbertinator257d ago

Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest and Yakuza perform best on consoles.

FallenAngel1984257d ago

Yet Dragon Quest IX outsold Dragon Quest VIII. Later Dragon Quest XI outsold Dragon Quest IX, but a lot of those numbers came from the 3DS version

Yakuza was never on a handheld so why even bring it up

indysurfn256d ago

“Final Fantasy 7 sported a dark and edgy design that stood in direct opposition to the normally bright and cheery JRPG. Other games followed suit and the colorful aesthetic of Dragon Quest simply didn't hold the same appeal for Western audiences at the time.”


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