SEGA Shows Signs of Life

The last generation of consoles wasn't very kind to SEGA. When the SEGA Dreamcast launched in 1999 in North America, it's only competitors were the Nintendo 64, and the Playstation 1. While the Dreamcast launch was a failure in Japan the year prior because of a small library of games at launch, and the looming shadow of the Playstation 2's launch, the North American launch was a huge success. The Dreamcast had an impressive lineup of games, and had an obvious technological edge over the current competition. The Dreamcast had some amazing launch titles such as Powerstone, Soul Calibur, the classic Sonic Adventure, the forgotten Blue Stinger, Trickstyle, Hydro Thunder, House of the Dead 2, NFL2K, and Ready to Rumble among others.

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Rikitatsu3832d ago

Bayonetta, Madworld, Empire: Total war, etc... Early next year

MrWeymes3832d ago

Yeah, Bayonetta looks like it is shaping up nicely. From the little bit of gameplay footage I've seen, it looks to be in the vein of Devil May Cry which definitely isn't a bad thing. Madworld looks interesting. I like the art style. It may prompt me to play my Wii again.

SaiyanFury3831d ago

Let's not forget Valkyria Chronicles recently released and critically acclaimed on PS3. Sega did this one only on PS3 and it's amazing. Any RPG fan must love this one. I know I do. If they can continue this trend of quality then we have nothing to fear.

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Harry1903832d ago

need my new Yakuza which has long surpassed Shenmue.

Let bygones be bygones and buy Yakuza 2 dammit.
I want Kenzan and Yakuza3. I can import the game and it's going to be great on my PS3 but I can't freaking read or understand Japanese and it's very important to know what's going on in the game to truly appreciate it.

Ryo-Hazuki3832d ago

Surpassed? You must be out of your mind if u actually think Yakuza has surpassed Shenmue, not to mention the last Shenmue came out in 2002. There wouldnt even have been a Yakuza if it wasnt for Shenmue. With that been said, I'll buy Yakuza 3....but damn it sega, give me my SHENMUE 3!!!

Harry1903832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Yakuza has indeed surpassed Shenmue. If you played all of them and you have Yakuza 2 like me, you know very well what I mean. I may not be or feel better to die-hard Shenmue fans, but it is truly a better game. I have moved on and sometimes it's hard to admit it.

Btw, I apologize since I can't continue this conversation here, lack of ....means.

MrWeymes3832d ago

I've yet to play any of the Yakuza games, and I was thinking about buying the second one, but I have my hands full with the PS3, and 360. I'm looking forward to Yakuza 3, though. As long as SEGA makes quality games, I'll buy them. As for Shenmue 3, we can only dream.

Ryo-Hazuki3832d ago

Yakuza is a good game, I am looking forward to Yakuza 3 but it is in no way better than any of the Shenmue games. Shenmue series is just legendary and it revolutionized the open world game, and no game has ever grabbed me like Shenmue did. I'll admit im a die-hard shenmue fan and im still waiting for Shenmue 3 lol. Sega really needs to quit wasting there money on stupid sonic games and make Shenmue 3.

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Panthers3832d ago

I need to try Valkyria Chronicles.

[email protected]3832d ago

Amazing game dude' i can recommend it without a single doubt. The only thing that need the game is a trophy patch and its the perfect game that i want since I remember.

MrWeymes3832d ago

I'm buying Valkyria Chronicles for sure. The demo was very enjoyable. It is a shame about the lack of trophy support, though.

UltimateIdiot9113832d ago

It would been even more awesome if there is multiplayer. But the game is still great no doubt.

ButterToast3832d ago

the game is amazing i can't put it down. i spent so much time playing this game when I should have been studying for my midterm.

schmeidenkamp3832d ago

and i didnt like it, i guess im in the minority.
i should give it another shot

TheColbertinator3832d ago

Great game.Valkyria Chronicles is a sleeper hit

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Yi-Long3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I absolutely LOVEDDDDDD Sega. Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 are still getting regular playtime on my PSP. The Dreamcast was amazing. Virtua Fighter 2 and Afterburner 2 robbed me off ALOT of money.

But nowadays, these are hard times for an old Sega-fan. Every new Sonic games seems to be worst than the last one (which is quite an achievement), Sega Rally 3 and Virtua Tennis 3 failed to really impress, Virtua Fighter 5 seems like such a long time ago, and there really isnt any interesting title on the horizon that I can get excited about.

Bring back the good old days, Sega. Bring back Ecco! Bring back 2d sprite-based Sonic in a PLATFORM-game (not the 2d 'race-games' like you gave us on PSP)! Bring back some cool new Shinobi game that can rival Ninja Gaiden! Give us Shenmue 3 in an open sandbox-world, set in Asia, with the Virtua Fighter controls, the japanese voices, and the gorgeous soundtrack! Give us Virtua Tennis Legends, with all the legendary tennisplayers from history and now! Give us an alternative to Pro Evo and Fifa! Give us Streets of Rage, or a new Panzer Dragoon, or whatever....

Just give us something, cause the last few years, you've been slacking.

MrWeymes3832d ago

Virtua Fighter 5 wasn't that long ago, and was an excellent game. SEGA is definitely doing a lot better this generation than they did in the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox era. I'm optimistic. I would love to play a new Ecco the Dolphin. If it was done right, it could be an amazing title with the current technology available. Sonic Unleashed seems to be Sonic getting back to his roots, despite the Werehog levels. It's a must buy for me this Christmas. A new Shinobi would be awesome. I enjoyed Shinobi for the PS2, although it wasn't amazing. I'd like to see what SEGA could do with the series. Shenmue 3 would be great, but I don't know how well it would sell. It would be more of a fan pleaser than anything. I don't think a Streets of Rage game in this era would turn out too well, but a new Panzer Dragoon would bring some good times.

Yi-Long3832d ago

... but it sure does seem that way. It was great though, gameplay-wise. But graphically I'd like to see Sega raise the bar.

I'd like to see Sega take inspiration from Revenge of Shinobi (Genesis), which was the best Shinobi game.

I think a Shenmue 3, when made in the way I proposed, would sell REALLY well. It can bring in fans of the sandbox-genre, but also fans of JRPG's, fans of collect'M'alls (Shenmue had cool 'toys' you could collect), fans of fighting games (VF style gameplay, and training, etc), fans of racers (open world, so Ryu can ride his bike or use a car to get across town), fans of 'camera-games', etc etc etc.

If done well, with proper attention and production-values, and the same kind of soundtrack as the originals had (amazing songs), it should be a huge HUGE hit.

They can even include arcade-cabinets into the game, which Ryu can play to enjoy old Sega classics...

If Sony or Microsoft were smart, they would have payed Sega already to get that game exclusively to their console. Microsoft really shouldnt have wasted their money on RARE.

MrWeymes3832d ago

I agree with you for the most part. Shenmue 3 would be amazing if it played in the way you described, but the budget that SEGA would need to pull that off with great results would be enormous, and the game itself would have to sell very well for SEGA to make a profit. If Sony, or Microsoft were to sign SEGA to an exclusivity deal, I could see Shenmue 3 being made in the way you described because it could possibly be partially funded by either company.

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