Ninja Theory are excited to bring the Unreal Engine 5 innovations to life on Xbox Series X

Today Epic has shown a demo of Unreal Engine 5 running on a PlayStation 5. There was no mention of the Xbox Series X at todays event. But, many of Microsoft’s studios use Unreal Engine for their game creation. Among them are the studio behind Hellblade II: Senua’s Sage, Ninja Theory.

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Silly gameAr204d ago

Quick, let them know that Unreal Engine 5 is on the Xbox too!

Genkins204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

right. and also because Hellblade II is actually a real game and not a tech demo.
and for all everyone knows we probably have been seeing UE5 graphics this entire time on Series X.

Silly gameAr204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Yeah, the gameplay from Hellblade 2 looks awesome, right? /s

Calm down. I know Ninja Theory is a top dev company, so I know Hellblade 2 will look awesome, regardless of who owns them now.

xer0204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Make no bones, hell blade 2 will look phenomenal.

BUT with out a capable SSD, like the PS5s.., the Xbox Series X can not take full advantage of Unreal Engine 5.

Tim Sweeney went on record and said that the SSD performance on PS5 is greater than a high end PC.

Sony made the right gamble, by focusing on the SSD throughput. The teraflop difference the Xbox Series X has over PS5 is not insignificant.., but it’s not enough to push an engine like UE5.

Lets not forget, UE5 will scale down on current gen consoles, PC and mobile devices.

But none of them have an SSD throughput of 5.5GB/s a second. That throughput alone made this tech demo possible.

Xbox series x raw throughput is 2.4GB/s.

The 1.8Teraflop advantage Xbox has isn’t enough to push data as fast as the PS5.

With this new console generation... minor teraflop differences aren’t enough.

I’m blown away by Unreal Engine 5.

Let’s wait for the grand PS5 reveal for something spectacular - Sony hasn’t even shown all their cards... and i can’t wait 😎

DaDrunkenJester204d ago


Digital Foundry also said the UE5 engine is extremely hard on GPU and we know the power difference in the PS5 and Series X and the 56 CU's will be much better for the ray tracing and global illumination.

fr0sty204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

"Must do damage control, quick!"

There's a reason why they chose PS5 to do the reveal of their new engine... UE4's first demos (like elemental) were showcased on souped-up PCs.

_dangerclose_204d ago

Right and also how much actual real game play have we seen of Hellblade 2?

Jin_Sakai204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

“right. and also because Hellblade II is actually a real game and not a tech demo.”

You really think the CGI Hellblade 2 trailer was real? You’re in for a rude awakening. The UE5 demo shown today was originally planned for GDC and was fully playable on early PS5 Dev kits.

zypher204d ago


"... we probably have been seeing UE5 graphics this entire time on Series X."

Then the Series X has done a piss poor job of demonstrating UE5's capabilities. Nothing they've shown on the Series X thus far looks beyond what the plain ol Xbox One X can manage.

gravedigger204d ago

You mean, Hellblade 2 will be a game. As it was showed last year, it was a target render cut-scene

waverider204d ago

and nobody care. gamers doing damage control... Microsoft just got another huge defeat in PR. Huge. Horrible two weeks for them.

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stiggs204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


All of a sudden an SSD is some kind of magical panacea? A faster SSD can be an advantage in some aspects but lets not pretend that it's what allows a console to reach its maximum potential.

You're acting as if the SSD in the Xbox Series X is going to hamper the system in a major way. I'm fairly sure that the hardware engineers at MS are confident that there storage solution is up to the task. It's highly unlikely that they just didn't toss in a faster CPU and GPU and then call it a day.

It's interesting that the same people who disregard the Series X CPU/GPU advantage are the same one that are constantly crowing about the PS5s SSD advantage.

Aenea204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

The game engine releases in 2021, not sure what exactly that means but seems to me it's not finished yet or, ya know, in the hands of developers...

----------------------------- ---------

"iOS, and Android."

Next you're telling me that ALL platforms can run this exact same demo huh?

Yusi-D-Jordan203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Nothing shown before the UE5 tech demo has been running on UE5.

Babadook7203d ago

"Ninja Theory are excited to bring the Unreal Engine 5"

Yah, it will be easy to port UE4 to UE5.

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Obscure_Observer204d ago


Real games over tech demos any day all day!

caddytrek204d ago

But all they have shown of Hellblade was a trailer... They haven't shown any gameplay, so your argument doesn't really hold water.

BiofourceGun204d ago

we already know how hellblade plays. and at least the 2nd will be playable as well. to me that seems better than a demo never making it to game status.

Obscure_Observer204d ago


"But all they have shown of Hellblade was a trailer... They haven't shown any gameplay, so your argument doesn't really hold water."

Damage control attempts will not change reality, dude. It is what it is:

Real games from MS´s first party studios>>>>> third party tech demo. Those are the facts. It was fun while it lasted, but now, step aside and let the big boys do the talking.

Tech5204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


caddytrek204d ago

Obscure_Observer, say what you will, the fact is that a tech demo not even made by Sony stole Microsoft's thunder and over shadowed their whole event, just like the controller and the logo before that.

Just wait to see what happens when they show the actual console and then start showing games.

Microsoft has to tell people how good Microsoft is, Sony let's other people say how good they are.

Sony is the big boy.

NealGamby204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

What does Microsoft know about “real games”?! They don’t have any.

TheHateTheyGive204d ago

I was not impressed at all with sonys ps 5 unreal engine, if all it can mustard is 1440p @ 30fps with no ray tracing then i dont see their games looking that much better than ps4 pro sadly.

S2Killinit204d ago

The irony of choosing real games when you just went through a whole generation of mediocrity. The audacity is applaudable.

throne204d ago

that pretty much is true since all we've seen from hellblade 2 is a trailer/demo without gameplay lol

_dangerclose_204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Actual game play tech demos over highly controlled in engine trailers any day all day

Jin_Sakai204d ago (Edited 204d ago )



“Real games over tech demos any day all day!“

I’ll take next gen exclusives over cross gen games any day.

Godmars290204d ago

Who's doing damage control when MS literally have not shown Xbox Series gameplay? Are suppose to be doing that in July.

Would think the more worrisome issue is that since the Epics demo was on a PS5 dev kit, they indirectly announced the system being given build priority.

Jin_Sakai204d ago

“Real games from MS´s first party studios>>>>> third party tech demo. Those are the facts. It was fun while it lasted, but now, step aside and let the big boys do the talking.“

PS5 is will outsell Series X and will have real next gen exclusives not cross gen exclusives. PS5 will dominate all over again. Hard facts.

Hungryalpaca204d ago

I agree but...we haven’t seen the game yet. We saw a trailer.

RaidenBlack204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Bashing Hellblade is same as was bashing Godfall is same as bashing Valhalla. In engine content. No gameplay.
Judge accordingly.

Aenea204d ago

I agree! But also.... tech demos over target CGI renders! Which is what we have seen so far of Hellblade 2!

Then again I am positive they are more than capable to get very nice results out of it and the game will look fantastic!

RangerWalk267203d ago

Sony has ALWAYS launched a console with a tech demo. At this point... What else are they going to show. They have shown all the games that are going to be available through the next 12 months. They don't have games ready to showcase the PS5 yet.

Z501203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Yet, we can't play either.

203d ago
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caddytrek204d ago

Phil Spencer: we exist too.

CaptainHenry916204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Lol 😂

BTW Hellblade gameplay and story was mediocre at best. Only thing I like was the graphics on PC

BLizardXD204d ago

lets go back in time shall we when hellblade was marketed for 2 years a playstation exclusive.
now they are taking back everything they are saying.

CaptainHenry916204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Was it an exclusive? I played the game on PC when it came out and it was still mediocre at best 🤔 ninja theory was never a Sony first party developer

starchild204d ago

Hellblade was awesome. I have enjoyed all the Ninja Theory games I've played, but Hellblade was my favorite. It won awards, scored well with reviewers, and has great user reviews as well. The graphics did look amazing on PC, so I agree there.

S2Killinit204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Right? MS saying me too me too.

_dangerclose_204d ago

lol, right. That PS5/UE5 tech demo got em shook.

--bienio--204d ago

Of course it is ? How low is you I.q? Twat

Wetpapertowel204d ago

Little inappropriate don't you think?

tontontam0204d ago

"Digital Foundry also said the UE5 engine is extremely hard on GPU and we know the power difference in the PS5 and Series X and the 56 CU's will be much better for the ray tracing and global illumination."

mark cerny also hinted that very fast ssd means they can choose not to render what your screen does not see, because they can pull that out from the ssd instantaneously.

I wonder if this tech demo is related to that.

Minute Man 721204d ago

@ tontontam

Yeah the XsX also does that

rainslacker204d ago

It did. When they zoomed into objects was one such instance. It changed the LOD's as necessary. Didn't pay enough attention at some other points it may have been used.


Yeah, the XsX does, but the PS5 is more capable in that area.....and if xbox people really want 60fps, they're not going to be able to get that if they do it as fast as the camera moves.

Babadook7201d ago

"Yeah the XsX also does that'

Sort of. It does the same thing about 1/3 the speed.

Unspoken204d ago

I think you are too late. UE has been on x86/x64 long before Sony was even a thought.

Sony gamers wish they had UE games. Lol

GreatSako2020203d ago

FF7 remake and Days Gone are exclusives running on UE. Hellblade was exclusive for one year running on UE. Those are more than what Xbox have 😅

rainslacker203d ago

Ummm....First Unreal engine game on PlayStation was Unreal Tournament on PS2. It was a special port of the engine to make it work. The official Unreal Engine 2 released with console support for Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, then after that subsequent engines supported new generations. Generally speaking, unreal engine versions release with new console generations, or close to it, although they aren't really planned that way as far as I know.

So really, what you mean to say, is that Sony gamers have had unreal engine games before MS actually started making the Xbox, and had to partner with an established console maker just to break into the market back before the Xbox was a thing.

Unspoken202d ago

What I was implying was that UE originally ran on Windows utilizing the Direct3D api from MS back in 98. All Epic had to do was show their engine running in a tech demo to have Sony fans falling at their feet. But I get it, Sony hasn't shown much

NXFather204d ago

I know. Where was that good old brain power last week with that next gen showcase.

NextGenDale204d ago

The weird thing is more Xbox 1P studios use UE than Sony 1P studios so we’ll see more UE5 games in the Series X than the PS5

Aenea204d ago

That's because many Sony first party devs create their own engines.

And since those are tailor made for what they want to do with their games AND tailor made for a single platform and not for every device that can handle a display there's a huge chance those engines can pull off even more eye candy than UE5 can.

--bienio--204d ago

It’s marketing crap. You know why? If is any true with what you say we not going to see games like that for next few years, and when that happens ps5 and Xbox x series will be outdated and we back to the same situation like now.

agnosticgamer204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

ummm… It was announced to be compatible with both systems. Why wouldn't it be lots of Xbox studios use the UE engine... and that Hell blade II demo looked fantastic may not have been gameplay... but it was in-engine footage... I think a lot of you guys talking trash will be in for a rude awakening come the July showcase of 1p XSX games...

With that said I don't really care... Both systems will have great games and I personally will own both.

Edito204d ago

It's a multiplatform engine of course is on Xbox, slower there but it is there...

DJStotty204d ago

Unreal Engine 5 will be available on all platforms, even the PS4 and Xbox one.

It is only a game engine, used to create games.

RangerWalk267203d ago

Yeah. Can you imagine what it would look like on a more powerful console? Lol. Actually, you'd have to zoom in to see the differences. Unreal scales very well to all devices.

TKCMuzzer203d ago

Note to Microsoft: When you have an opportunity and an open field to show what your hardware can do against your closet competitor, make sure you take it. Be proactive, not reactive.
No matter what happens, that U5 demo will always be linked to the PS5 because of the reveal in peoples minds. Next gen success isn't about power and numbers, its about getting the message across that everyone understands. This is our hardware, here are our games, this is what it can do.

RangerWalk267203d ago

It'll even be on the Switch!!! What's all the noise about? Epic showed Unreal Engine 5. That is all!!! People in Sony's camp are going NUTS over a tech demo because Sony hasn't shown anything yet. Still haven't!!! What in the would has this pandemic done to some of you?

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AngelicIceDiamond204d ago

MS can't go one day with out inserting themselves in the lime light. Either way it's highly unlikely HBII will use will use UE5. More like a heavily optimized UE4. Phil wouldn't have to re-iterate to the public that the engine is obviously coming to the platform if greenberg had a better next gen showcase last week.

ColdSin204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

You do understand why they actually need to reiterate that UE5 is an engine that can develop games for XSX, right? Today's showcase pushed the fact that UE5 can implement games on the PS5. It did not mention any other platform (and Epic's CEO tried to dodge many questions pertaining to that). Put yourself in Microsoft's marketing team's shoes, you would definitely have done the same.

Obscure_Observer204d ago


"It did not mention any other platform (and Epic's CEO tried to dodge many questions pertaining to that). "

Check your facts:

ColdSin204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


No, you check your facts.

I'm discussing the SGF showcase, and you are discussing the UE5 site page (which went online after the showcase).

Tech5204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Epic - "Unreal Engine royalties waived on first $1 million in game revenue "
"Starting today, you can download and use Unreal Engine to build games for free as you always have, except now royalties are waived on your first $1 million in gross revenue."

A major win for Indie developers. originally it was 5% after your first $3,000. now it's after your first million.
that is a massive leap in headroom for indies. i will be the first to say, no game making tool is offering with practically no strings attached. a lot of game making tools want money upfront. or a residual fee within small success. Unreal Engine asks for nothing until after your first million. a tremendous amount of freedom indies now have with Unreal Engine.

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brrdat203d ago

xbot defense force is in full effect after that epic showing.

derek203d ago

Fact, the mini game to demonstrate the benefits of UE5 was created on the PS5 development kit. The demo was fully playable and representative of what is possible on the ps5. The internet went crazy over this demo because they are seriously interested in the ps5 and next generation game play in general. This has got the public excited. This has nothing to with Microsoft and they put too much importance in making pr statements. They need to talk less and start demonstrating games that will get people excited about next generation. The question is do they have the games that will impress? Given their track record i say no.

TKCMuzzer203d ago

Actually, they had the opportunity last week to stick the knife in properly, they had the talk, they had the hype....then they followed it with nothing. The bigger question should be, who is running MS marketing team? Do they know what gamers want?
Sony sat back at the announcement of the PS4 and watch MS fall over themselves, I bet they couldn't believe it when they watched MS 'gameplay' reveal last week. I wouldn't be surprised if this U5 video has only been put together this week to take advantage of MS slip.
I also think this is why Sony is holding back on showing the PS5 console because they probably will want to use that moment to counter act something MS does as they know it will generate massive interest for them and remove the limelight from MS.
It's not how loud you shout, but how the message is heard.