If Inside Xbox Dulled Our Next-Gen Expectations For PS5, Unreal Engine 5 Just Revived Them

From PSU: "It’s fair to say that Microsoft’s ill-advised third-party showcase of half-baked titles and PC build capture masquerading as ‘target Xbox Series X renders’ did little for folks expectation for the next generation of consoles.

Quite simply, what Microsoft showed us at its Inside Xbox briefing wasn’t what people wanted to see less than six months out from consoles that they would be dropping around $500 on. Indeed, in all truthfulness it hasn’t been easy looking forward to PlayStation 5 these past few months either. We wanted more."

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iplay1up2140d ago

Xbox Series X 3rd party trailer really wasn't much. It was okay. Medium and Scorn were pretty interesting.

The Unreal engine 5 demo was better. It showed gameplay in real time, and explained exactly what we were seeing, as well as hearing. That is something Microsoft needs to do with a couple of their release window games.

Can not wait for next gen!

GamerRN140d ago

Not gameplay, per se. But a graphics demo. Try not to confuse the two.

Definitely did look pretty, I wonder what it will look like once all physics and gameplay engines are implemented, along with NPCs and enemies

IRetrouk140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Nope fully playable demo running on a ps5 dev kit, its proper gameplay, recorded via hdmi, it even changes slightly everytime you play, that's from sweeney himself.

ThereGoThatManQ140d ago

Think back to the PS4 showcase, games have already surpassed that. This is showing us what it will look like for first party titles in 2021 I believe. Hell maybe even TLOU2 and Ghosts of T will look this good.

This is a small project for them think about 5 years worth with this tech.

Plus the advancement in hardware increased between ps3 and 4 and now 4 to 5

IamFrasierCrane140d ago

You're wrong. That absolutely was gameplay. I think you're the one who's confused.

bouzebbal140d ago

The unreal engine demo to me was far from impressive.. I really expected much more than just better graphics.. Hair animation are terrible, she went down 20 stairs in 2 steps, like she's floating on them.. I don't care about how many triangles are in a static statue, I prefer better immersion and better animations

Lore140d ago

Would you mind explaining the difference between the two for me? If you have the time

Thundercat77140d ago

Wow the denial in the face of reality.

kopp3rbug140d ago

It was most definitely gameplay. If it was a graphics demo then you can also argue all the Last of us part 2 trailers have been graphics demos. The fact that all the features the video talked about makes it less tasking on the hardware and developers, applying gameplay engines along with npc's and enemies should not change the end result.

blackblades140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Seems like your confused they said a recorded playble demo as in controller in hand on a early dev kit ps5 system playing a demo of a game not in development.

GamerRN140d ago (Edited 140d ago )


Nope, it's still a graphic demo because it was using an engine with incredibly simple implementation. No actual gameplay other than player movement was implemented. AI, character models, UI, hit detection etc will take away available resources. Please learn how engines work.

GamerRN140d ago

You guys need to learn the difference between a tech demo and a gameplay demo.

Anyway like I said, it looks great and I imagine looks even better with more power behind it.

I hope we see games best this caliber but hopefully 4k... 1440p 30fps isn't going to cut it

Unspoken140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Now tech demos are's a testament to the engine, not the Sony hardware and UE tech demos are all around the net with Sony fans claiming it's not anything to brag about. But now that it's shown on Sony hardware their brains believe anything. 😭 😭

The irony here is that what we saw in the Xbox reel is going to be closer to the truth during initial release as those games are already in development.

DJStotty139d ago

Devkits are notoriously higher specced than the final console to allow for development.

Show this running on a retail PS5, that we have not even seen yet.

itsfunkky139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

LOL so many hurt xbox owners right now.. really hate to see it

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GTgamer140d ago
Sony conference is June 4th this guy has been spot on so far soooo I'm running with it

yomfweeee140d ago

"Slate of Playstation" = conference?

GTgamer140d ago

Well a digital conference but yes that's what the guy is saying this should be the full PS5 reveal.

BLizardXD140d ago

"The Unreal engine 5 demo was better. "

the demo is not from a actual game though being developed....
and Series X is said to run that same demo better.

Jin_Sakai140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

“ the demo is not from a actual game though being developed....
and Series X is said to run that same demo better.”

They specifically said the incredibly fast SSD in PS5 is what’s streaming data in so fast in the demo. Regardless, It can’t play Sony 1st party games which is what people care about most.

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Saijahn140d ago

It wasn’t gameplay lol. The UE5 tech demo was impressive but please stop saying it was gameplay 😂 but then saying how dull actual hints of gameplay was at the Xbox event lol. Y’all weird

I was hyped after inside Xbox and hyped some more after the ue5 demo.

Next gen will be great and that article the other day about not seeing a leap in graphics has already aged terribly 😂😂

People need to stop jumping the gun just to get clicks. It’s starting to be embarrassing.

GTgamer140d ago

It was 100% gameplay played on the PS5 dev kit 🤔

F0XH0UND922140d ago

Yeah, you have no idea what you're talking about. This was actual gameplay on a PS5 devkit. Does this footage upset you or make you jealous?

kopp3rbug140d ago

Tell Epic then. Let them know their own video they uploaded and said what were going to see was all wrong. When you have someone like Epic going on and stating what it is we are seeing, then I don't see why it would be anything else other than that.

ILostMyMind140d ago

I'm confused. I think you need to explain what gameplay means for you.

PowerPlayaaa140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Ffs man. You who say it wasn't gameplay must check your damn eyes or stop being a salty fanboy. If this was shown on a Series X. I can guarantee you that you would praise the shit out of it.
Yes. Its a tech demo. No doubt. But even so. Its still GAMEPLAY thats being played with a Dualsense controller, with a PS5. An early version of a PS5 i must add. And recorded direct through a PS5. Its being PLAYED for gods sake. Even though its a tech demo. Its still RAW gameplay from the PS5. And not some in engine pre rendered bullshit.
The salt is real in alot of fanboys from the other camp. But i don't know why though. UE5 is going to be on ALL plattforms. Enjoy the damn tech instead of bashing it based on a console its being played on. Stupid fanboys. Geez.

KwietStorm140d ago

How do you say "actual hints of gameplay" but call people weird in the same breath?

TKCMuzzer140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Not as embarrassing as your comment which completely negates what the actual developers said.
You love MS, we get it but lets not deny the fact, the so called 'tech demo' has done wonders for the PS5 and its momentum, the complete opposite of what MS did.

FyBy139d ago

Typical tech demo is what you can see but not what you can play. This seemed to me like playable piece.So it says "this you can play". Thats the difference for me.
Game(demo)play is different to cuscenes or prerendered videos for this reason. For example replays in GT sport are in 30 fps to make graphics fidelity better. Also photo mode renders more detail. Its actually doesnt show how gameplay looks like.
But if you can freely move and environment dynamically reacts to your actions, thats for me gameplay. Its game build on UE5. Maybe short one, but its still a game. You can play it not only watch it.

What really seems revolutionary to me is, that you can use original unoptimized assetts. That can mean, games wouldnt take so long to develop. I remember GT5 on PS3 was delayed also because there were several HW limitations and developers optimized game for a very long time. Longer then optimizing usually takes.

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alb1899140d ago

I'm with you in almost everything but it was a demo at 1440p an 30fps. Microsoft did show what can raytracing do to old games playing with the SX. This is just the beginning. Wait for more from both sides. Very exciting.

RangerWalk267140d ago

Imagine what this demo will look like on a more powerful console. 😳

jbull140d ago

Your going to be disappointed, windows central even had to delete their tweet as they got confirmation the PS5 can only run that demo due to the fast SSD.

Ripsta7th140d ago

But that demo aint real. Shit is not gonna go down like that. That is what they expect to achieve. Looks at unreal engine 4 . we havent even got to that level

pornflakes140d ago

to be fair, the demo was reportedly rendering at 1440p using dynamic resolution and without the next-gen bells and whistles like hardware-accelerated ray tracing, Epic told Eurogamer, and at what looks like only 30 frames per second

DJStotty139d ago

Not gameplay, a tech demo of what a game engine is capable of.

Does not necessarily mean the graphic capability or features will be represented in games that utilise the engine fully.

Developers will pick bits of what they want to use, and do not expect developers to use all unreal engine 5 assets in their games.

139d ago
itsmebryan139d ago

It was just a tech demo that I think was only running 1440p @ 30fps. Hardly groundbreaking. I'm waiting to see how it works running 4k @60 fps on the more powerful system. Just think how much more the XSX will be able to do.

139d ago
139d ago
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ApocalypseShadow140d ago

That's how it's done. Not CGI videos. Not upscaled, current games.

First we see Mark Cerny talking about what developers wanted to see and what they wanted to achieve. Then, we see a glimpse of the controller and it's new features. Next we see Epic display next gen possibilities using PS5.

We should see next, Sony's console, what the controller can actually do, the games and demonstrations of first party, after current gen games like TLofU2 and Ghost release.

Again, that's how you do it. First impressions are everything.

darthv72140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

That SX 3rd party game reveal was not thought out well. If there is a silver lining, its that MS knows what NOT to do when it comes to 'their' game reveal event in the coming months. Both Sony and MS should have some good first party gaming reveals of their own soon enough. WITH actual gameplay.

kopp3rbug140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Although I do agree, Microsoft having to "Know what NOT to do when it comes to 'their game reveal" is not something Microsoft should have to even be worried about. Third party games is as much 'their' reveal as is their first party games. It was their first shot at setting the tone in what next gen console powered games should look like. The fact that their first party titles will be absent from launch should have set a fire under Microsofts ass in ensuring their 3rd party titles were primed and ready for showtime. It is a given that both Sony and MS will have good first party showing but MS needs to rely heavily on their 3rd party reveals initially.

139d ago
mandingo140d ago

Not sure how that ps5 specs reveal was a good first impression, but to each their own I guess.

ApocalypseShadow140d ago

Since a lot of you took a developer's conference out of context, I'll tell you.

Sony wants to change game design for the better. They want to improve the experience with a controller. They want to improve the sound design in games beyond the 3D sound that we, PSVR owners, are used to. They want to improve BC by baking it into the hardware design itself. That's what the video was about.

Would seem boring to those looking for hardware or next gen games. But developer's conferences aren't about that at all.

Also,added to what I posted above, even Sony's first impression of next gen finger tracking for VR was impressive.

Again, that's how you do it.

kopp3rbug140d ago

Because most people only are focus on teraflops. Thats literally it. If it has more then it must mean its better. It's the efficiency of all the components 'talking to each other that really sets one console apart from the other. Just because you have a diesel powered 8 cylinder truck doesn't mean it'll beat a Toyota Supra or a Subaru WRX. Sometimes more isn't always better, being efficient with what you have and fine tuning things is far more important.

WelkinCole139d ago

Specs are actually the fisrt thing people talk about in any new gen.

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Ripsta7th140d ago

This was cgi. No one was playing this

Profchaos140d ago

It was footage from a playthrough the Devs already confirmed this is playable and it changes on every playthrough.

Even if it wasn't and was only a tech demo in the traditional sense running on console hardware it's still not CGI. Toy story is CGI this is real-time

Angrymorgan140d ago

How much proof do you need dude?

TKCMuzzer140d ago

It usually helps knowing something about a subject before making a comment on it.

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RangerWalk267139d ago

Sony has always shown a tech demo at the launch of a new console. Microsoft could have shown the same exact demo, but instead showed games. I do agree that the quality of the games they showed weren't anything to be too excited about... But they were REAL games. Unreal 5 will be used on every console. Just imagine what it would look like on the console with more capable hardware specs. 😳

KwietStorm139d ago

It was Epic showing their engine, not PlayStation. So no, it wouldn't have been Microsoft showing the exact same demo. The problem is Microsoft promoted the event as a gameplay showcase. There was none. There is no defending this, and it is far too late in the game to be making statements like we will learn from this in the future We were shown trailers. Trailers don't tell you anything about what you'll actually be playing, especially when there's no gameplay involved. On the flipside, if PlayStation did the same thing, then it would have been just as much of a disappointment.

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zugdar140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Yes and no. Tech demos are great but rarely are fully realized until the second half of a gen cycle if even at all. Think about Deep Down and other PS4 tech demos. They looked great but that potential was not realized until God of War. Many of the games from Inside Xbox are being designed for multiple gens too which also affects whats shown. I'm hyped for both but I think this argument is comparing apples to oranges.

Donnie81140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Very true buddy. Comparing actual games to a tech demo is kinda goofy. It’s not gonna happen but let’s see the series x run this tech demo. Then compare

Wetpapertowel140d ago

"Comparing actual games to a tech demo is kinda goofy."

This is the first time we've seen a next gen console running some next gen gameplay. The Microsoft event a few days ago was very underwhelming and showed barely anything to get excited about.

"let’s see the series x run this tech demo. Then compare."

Okay so you're just getting defensive because it wasn't running on a Series X. Nice troll. Try to leave the fanboy rubbish behind this gen yeah buddy.

Profchaos140d ago

This wasn't a tech demo in the traditional sense this was actually being played that's been confirmed so in many ways it's basically a game.

Donnie81140d ago

You tell me to drop the fanboy rubbish and leave a comment like that. Pot calling the kettle black if you ask me. I thought this tech dome looked good . Epic is using it to sell unreal 5 to devs by showing how scalable it is even on the lesser hardware. Cool it’s a nice demo

neutralgamer1992140d ago


Ms themselves said they will keep supporting older consoles for 2 years that's why I believe and I could be wrong that those games will be held back

No way can a next gen game fully optimized for next gen should be able to run on a base PS4 or Xbox one

The SSD factor alone should make so

Profchaos140d ago

Ms will support older consoles but no third party devs are obligated to support them. You know they all will anyway because that's where the biggest install base is

zugdar140d ago

For sure cross gen games will be limited. If the upgrades are as profound as they make them out to be it would be impossible to build a game with the level of openness they want for two gens. You get that every cycle but last gen seemed more like a higher res thing while this gen is more about actual changes to design and possibilities. Time will tell but exciting stuff for sure.

neutralgamer1992140d ago

Yeah will be very interesting

140d ago
Profchaos140d ago

The ps4 unreal engine 4 tech demo wasn't all that impressive I thought it was surpassed almost instantly by killzone shadowfall

generic-user-name140d ago

Deep Down wasn't a tech demo, it was a cg trailer for a game. Let's not pretend God of War was the first amazing looking game on PS4, KZ Shadow Fall, inFamous Second Son and The Order are all clear examples of early stunners.

zugdar140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Deep Down was first presented as an engine tech demo but later announced as a full game ( ). All those games looked good for sure (forgot about The Order which was probably the best early gen looker to be honest). I watched the older tech demos today and the animations & effects really came to pass as presented later on IMO.

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Gunstar75140d ago

30fps is cool again. Thanks fanboys lol

mkis007140d ago

Nothing is wrong with a locked 30fps game...The problem is when devs allow drops into the 20's. 60fps is a trade-off. Every day devs have to decide which is important to their goals. IS there a gameplay system that requires more power that disallows 60 fps? What if it was revolutionary? I'll take revolutionary gameplay systems over a res bump 100% of the time, and a fps bump depending on how good it is.

Wetpapertowel140d ago

30fps gameplay is far better than the 0fps gameplay we got from Microsoft's latest showing. Nice try though.