Players Are Figuring Out How To Access Franklin’s Home In GTA Online

Break into Franklin’s home through a glitch.

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Xaevi447d ago

Seriously? Congratulations you're like 4 years too late, this has been possible since GTA O launched.

Sophisticated_Chap447d ago

Its amazing that people still play this game online after all these years. Personally, I loved the single player, but online seemed like such a waste of time to me.

EazyC447d ago

Some people genuinely like grind-fest type gameplay, it's why the MT model 'works'.

For the record -- I totally agree with you, and didn't touch MP. I really like GTA IV's approach actually!

Psychotica447d ago

I never understood why R* locks down areas like this. Same thing in single player, once there aren't any missions in an area, you can't access it.

Games1st446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

Only cool thing about online. The rest is a mess.

traumadisaster446d ago

Had no clue this was in reference to online play, I was only here to see why this is a story since I access it in sp. I’ve never played mp gta.