Prey Demo Coming Very Soon

3D Realms have been working hard on getting the demo version of Prey up and running for its release on the Xbox Live Marketplace later this coming week.

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FamoAmo5948d ago

Is it due out this week or next week? I want to due some spirit walking!! This game is gonna be sick son!

Asylumchild5948d ago

FAMOAMO DUDE TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! yo i hope u can do cool stuff online in the real game like not jsut teamdeath or death match i want like a infection like area 51 or like spirit walking mode or something awsome!!!!!

Gamer135948d ago

Can,t wait to play the final game next month.

Marriot VP5948d ago

i'll be honest, I wasn't impressed with the gameplay videos I saw. But I'll give it a try with my HDTV and see how it stacks up.

The Real Deal5948d ago

I'm very excited about this game. I actually enjoy the Quake games and the Doom games. I think they are fun games. And they have been working on this game for 5 years so I know its going to be great. Its from the makers of Duke Nukem...I loved that game as well. I'm excited. Free Demo...Then the game.

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