Sony on PS5 Promotion: "Results Will Be Everything"; Possibility of Game Delays Has to Be Monitored

During Sony’s financial conference calls, Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki talked about the PlayStation Business and PS5.

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waverider1502d ago

Everybody will be hit with delays. Its normal. The world is a mess, because of the coronavírus.

RpgSama1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


Why are you telling him that? To him/her specifically?? Lol. /S

JonTheGod1502d ago

Would I be right in thinking that you're an American and a Trump supporter?

Outside_ofthe_Box1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

" Because of China* "

Don't think countries like the US would have handled it any better had the virus started out here or elsewhere. Remember we had people calling it a hoax invented by a political party at point.

Sono4211502d ago

So let me get this straight, the virus came from China, China then silenced it's own whistle blowers trying to spread the word about the virus, then when word finally got out they denied it even existed, and then when they FINALLY admit the virus exists.... they say it came from the US..... keep in mind during all of this it is spreading throughout the world, but yet you guys won't put blame on China? Whats wrong with you? I know China has Hollywood by the balls, what do they have on you?

It's just like Chernobyl, the leaders were more concerned with public perception than actually dealing with the problem and look where we are now.. only difference is... for SOME reason you're afraid to place blame where it should be placed.

Outside_ofthe_Box1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The virus would have spread regardless. I'm not saying that China did everything right, but even if they had, nothing would have changed regardless of how China handled the situation. Unless you're going to tell me that the US and Europe were going to shut down flights going in and out of their respective countries IMMEDIATELY upon hearing the news, it was always going to spread. Remember we didn't act until it was evident that the virus had touchdown here. Prior to that everyone was going about their businesses like it was a China only issue. Also we didn't even have all the info at the time like people being asymptomatic being able to spread the virus. We were unprepared on how to handle a breakout of this caliber that's the main issue.

morganfell1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Sono421 you nailed the facts. We know they had the virus in a lab working on it because they were advertising job positions on the open internet last year asking potential applicants to apply for research of Covid-19. They were seeking a patent in February to treat the virus. Perhaps China should not have operated a lab that had a history of safety violations. No one was going to shut down their flights because the Chinese stated nothing to see here, everything is fine. Its contained. On the wane. Countries believed them and their puppet WHO. We did not have all of the info at the time because the Chinese who had been researching the virus for some time and for some reason, knew of its capabilities and they sat on a great deal of the information they possessed. You do not have to support any particular political policy or be of any certain citizenship to understand they are directly responsible and their actions after the fact made it far more difficult to contain.

Donnie811502d ago

Why would anyone downvote this comment. China is 100% to blame for this and should be made to pay for it

Imalwaysright1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


If China's government and the WHO had been honest from the beggining, every country in the world would have been better prepared to handle the pandemic. I'm from Portugal and we have a low fatality rate and have been doing a relatively good job containing the spread of the virus because our government saw what was happening particularly in Italy and Spain and had time to prepare before the 1st cases started hitting our country. To say that China or the WHO aren't to blame for the mess the world is in today and that things would be the same had they been honest is disingenuous.

StormSnooper1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Ok guys, I’m not a political drone and I don’t blindly support trump so I’m not forming my opinions from whatever he says. But, it has to be said, China did hide the virus from the beginning. They imprisoned the first doctor who blew the whistle on the virus and the guy died in jail from the virus. This isn’t the first time a pandemic spreads from China. The Chinese government does not properly regulate its wet markets and they are a major source of pandemics. China has had notice that this is the case from the last time a pandemic spread from their wet markets and here we are again. I think it’s fair to place some blame, not on China, or the Chinese people, but on the Chinese government. Now they are busy trying to push the ridiculous notion that the virus was created by the U.S. and spread in China’s market. This sort of behavior should not go unpunished.

You had me until you said “China has Hollywood by the balls” which means you are idiologically driven, biased, and part of the problem gripping this country today.

Why do you think WHO is a China puppet?

AnubisG1502d ago

I don't know why you got downvotes. The CCP is 100% to be blamed for this. They need to be held accountable.

morganfell1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Just a quick google and the results cut across outlets that source left and right. This isn't about being ideologically driven, it is about the facts of influence over an industry.






@Storm: When you fail to act independently as WHO is chartered to act, take a country with a history of deception concerning an outbreak at face value, praise the PRC government for their transparency when there is none, and you were in fact the PRC government's candidate to run WHO when you were appointed...well...

ADECENTBOY7771502d ago

Hi ALL!!! Actually because of the chinese government. They did not warn the world properly AND the virus is a man made one, it is truly originating from a lab. IF somebody still believes it is a natural one, please watch this video from 2015. This was shown on italian tv back then. Put on the italian subtitle and translate it with google and accept the truth instead of believing some lies like the nature did it.


LucasRuinedChildhood1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

*Because of China and poor leaders like Trump, Jair Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson (herd immunity). China is run by an authoritarian, communist regime. America is supposed to be better than that.

Trump's response to the coronavirus has been atrocious. He called concerns about his slow response a "new hoax" and said, "you wonder why the press is in hysteria mode," because there was only 15 documented cases of an extremely contagious virus. The man is an immoral idiot. He tried to sweep a global pandemic under the rug for political gain. Instead of holding rallies, he should have focused on battling the virus.

Trump threatened to fire the top CDC doctor (Dr Messonier) after she was transparent about the impact of the pandemic in February. https://www.independent.co....

Trump also ousted a doctor for resisting his bullshit hydroxychloroquine claims. Studies are showing that hydroxychloroquine provides no benefits against the coronavirus and can lead to heart issues. https://www.theguardian.com...

Now, Trump is now desperately trying to distract from his failings by placing the blame on others who actually did their job. He has tried to blame and defund the "China-centric" World Health Organisation which takes most of its direction from the US. This is reprehensible as they are essential in the response to Covid-19 and provided information about the coronavirus during the early days of the pandemic.

Bill Bryan presented findings about disinfectants' ability to kill the coronavirus on surfaces, informing the American public that bleach will kill the virus in five minutes when applied to surfaces and isopropyl alcohol kills the virus in 30 seconds. ***Trump proceeded to casually ask about injecting disinfectants into the human body on live TV***. Trump had already been thinking about this as Mark Grenon had wrote to him saying that chlorine dioxide "can rid the body of Covid-19" days before he promoted disinfectants as treatment. https://www.theguardian.com... Deaths in the US from using disinfectants in March and April rose by 93% and 121%.

StormSnooper1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Hey Morgan, I read a couple of them. I’m not surprised. I just have a problem with the conclusion that “China has Hollywood by the balls” because it implies things that extend beyond just the facts of how China’s economic growth has affected a U.S. industry. It places blame on the industry for being “liberal”. It seems that Hollywood is having the same problems that a lot of other industries have with China. The theft of intellectual property and being targeted by cyberattacks when they step on China’s toes is the biggest common denominator. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that such information is being used by political parties to attack the other political party, thus creating division. Hollywood is not bending to China’s wims because it is mostly comprised of left leaning individuals, it is bending because China is not playing fair on their home turf. That distinction is going missing in all the political rhetoric. We are a divided front, and that is part of the problem. China can exploit this against us.

I’ll come back to read the ones about WHO later.

Outside_ofthe_Box1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

"If China's government and the WHO had been honest from the beggining, every country in the world would have been better prepared to handle the pandemic. I'm from Portugal and we have a low fatality rate and have been doing a relatively good job containing the spread of the virus because our government saw what was happening particularly in Italy and Spain and had time to prepare before the 1st cases started hitting our country."

Yes and no, notice how your country reacted not because of what was happening China, but because it reached those neighboring countries first. I'm from New York City. Even after it was public that the virus was dangerous, we didn't act until we had our first confirmed case here. Until that point, everyone was chugging along as usual. Government didn't shut down until a couple of weeks after.

My point is even after it was clearly known governments were still slow to react. Also remember not many people here took the threat seriously either not to long ago. Let's not pretend people didn't want pax west to still continue despite covid-19 a couple of months ago. Until we see it happening in front of our eyes, humans tend to not act until it's too late.

medman1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

China bears direct responsibility because they tried to silence medical professionals who tried desperately to warn the public and the world. However, even if China had been completely transparent and warned the world immediately, it is not realistic to expect that much would be different. It isn't like global travel would have been shut down...this isn't the first virus to arise out of China, and even given dire warnings and predictions no leader would have been eager to shut down borders and the economy and actually invite the economic calamity the virus has brought on.

The US had early warning in January, and the inept Trump administration chose, as usual, not to listen to experts and their warnings, instead deflecting and denying, calling the virus a hoax, and saying it would disappear like magic when the weather got warmer. You're blaming China for that mess? Yikes. For crying out loud just this past week Trump and the republicans were trying to blame the outbreak on the Obama administration, despite the Obama administration literally handing them a guidebook on pandemic response recommendations. Instead, what did the Trump administration do? Cut back departments and organizations that predict, research, and warn about viral outbreaks. That is not leadership, that is weakness and incompetence, and suggesting that China is to blame for how bad it is in the US is asinine, and shows just how willfully ignorant too many people really are.

There are some nations around the globe that have fared far better than the US (such as Germany, New Zealand, etc) because they took steps immediately, limiting travel and imposing restrictions that the uneducated in the US even to this day don't heed and instead stand outside in large crowds protesting. And this is AFTER seeing the damage and death the virus is inflicting. What do you think many peoples reaction would have been to a large scale shutdown before any evidence of viral impact? That was always a non-starter, and at some point every nation on Earth has to take responsibility for it's own failures in dealing with the pandemic, even if the original blame lies at the feet of the Chinese.

Atticus_finch1502d ago

Trump lovers are desperate to pin this on China since Trump has done a horrendous job handling the virus.

Lionsguard1502d ago

Yeah because not like China sent out the Virus' genome, locked down an entire city of 11 million people and gave stark warnings to the rest of the world before hand right? OH right, they DID. What the hell was the rest of the world doing during this? Nothing. Italy mocked the virus then when the Italians started dying they began warning the United States, what was Trump's response? HOAX! He wasted 6 weeks doing absolutely nothing. How about you go down a pint of Clorox and inject yourself with some 100% isopropyl alcohol like your snake oil president suggests.

bouzebbal1502d ago

Because of people's stupidity.. US had 65 million infected with h1n1 country never had to be closed down.

1502d ago
chiefJohn1171502d ago

That virus was American made. I'm saying this as an American. It's clear as day.

Umb1502d ago

Never trust the CCP, here a some more info regarding the CCP and how they operate.



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Obscure_Observer1502d ago

"Everybody will be hit with delays. Its normal. The world is a mess, because of the coronavírus."

Indeed. Phil Spencer already made a statement regarding possible videogames delays due the fallout of COVID-19.

Silly gameAr1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

In this episode of "Phil Says", Phil says the obvious.

Obscure_Observer1502d ago

@Silly gameAr

"In this episode of "Phil Says", Phil says the obvious."

Maybe, but he already show us the console, controller, 140+ studios working on SX´s games, some SX´s first party games, some SX´s (and PS5) third party games and a clear roadmap, while Sony:

“Right now we have to think strategically, therefore, I cannot really make a comment. Is it a passing grade or not? On that point, I think results will be everything, so after the launch, it will become clear. So, we’re going to make our utmost effort.”

Ron_Danger1502d ago

Man it’s killing some of you fanboys that the brand you follow has put almost all of its cards on the table and is getting outshined by the competition that has shown almost nothing.

It’s so clear how insecure you guys are in the product you follow when all you can come back with is just a wall of copy-pasta about the competition that looses its significance with every post.