Thursday’s State of Play is All About Ghost of Tsushima

Tune in for an extended look at Sucker Punch’s gorgeous open-world epic.

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blackblades297d ago

They made it real clear, no ps5 related content and only focused is this game.

Abriael297d ago

Which is good. I'm 100% more excited about Ghost of Tsushima than I am about any console.

Sono421297d ago

Well i've already made up my mind to get the game after the first two trailers, so now I want to go in as blind as possible, so I won't be watching.. sadly.

297d ago
starchild297d ago

I'm good with it. As excited as I am for the next generation I can wait to get more info, but Ghost of Tsushima is one of my most anticipated games and I've been waiting a long time for it. I can't wait to see stealth and infiltration gameplay and more world exploration.

medman296d ago

I'm pumped about Ghost of Tsushima as well, but personally I'm more excited for the next gen and the possibilities it brings. It's hard for me to compare one game, no matter what game it is, to future changes to the entire gameplay experience that is the promise of any new generation.

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NecrumOddBoy297d ago

I'm absolutely excited about this!

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GTgamer297d ago

18 minutes of gameplay 😍

angelsx297d ago

Let's see real gameplay not fake.😉

UltraNova297d ago

Hopefully we'll get to see a full mission from start to finish!

GTgamer297d ago

Well given that the E3 demo was just a side quest and that was only 8 minutes it's definitely possible we'll see an entire mission.

Profchaos297d ago

The video weighs in at 18 minutes currently but that could include a dev interview and other things around the studio I would of only expected 10 minutes of gameplay for a extended gameplay preview so if there is more it's a nice surprise.

GTgamer297d ago

Well hopefully they answer questions as they play the game because it's so close to release that they should have more than enough polished gameplay to show

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Sunny_D297d ago

Damn either Sony is being marketing geniuses striking when the iron is hot or just being careful after the whole Xbox event debacle lol.

SyntheticForm297d ago

I think now is Sony's time to step in after the "gameplay" Microsoft showed, and present real, actual gameplay. Even though it's not a PS5 game, showing gameplay of an anticipated game is the perfect play right now.

And, we're all going to get excited.

preciousdeath297d ago

If they announce it for PS5 AND show PS5 gameplay, the internet will blow up.

Abriael297d ago

Sony's always been pretty generous with long gameplay presentations. I don't think they're doing it in reaction to anything specific.

UltraNova297d ago


And the irony of it all will be GoT on ps4 looking far better than anything shown on the Xbox series x games reveal.

Obscure_Observer297d ago


"And the irony of it all will be GoT on ps4 looking far better than anything shown on the Xbox series x games reveal."

Few weeks ago, you were complaining about how this site wasn´t worth of visiting and comment on anymore because you were "tired" Xbox fanboys and stupid console war. And here you are... stirring the pot trying to start some stupid fanboy nonsentical argument, when most PS fans are just happy with the great news.

Next time you complain about Xbox fanboys, I´m goin to remind you of your hypocrisy.

UltraNova297d ago (Edited 297d ago )


Oh that hit a nerve...I apologize, but I truly believe its ironic when a current-gen game is looking better than anything currently shown for a next system...

See you in the trenches buddy ;-)

jambola296d ago

Would be a great time to show off a few games with actual gameplay, could be a burn remembered for years

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pwnmaster3000297d ago

Dang I’m really excited for it but did Sony just give up on Last of us 2.
What about that game?

Nyxus297d ago

Give up? The game has a release date for next month and just recently got a new trailer.

SyntheticForm297d ago

Nobody gave up on TLOU 2, least of all Naughty Dog. There's a negative cloud surrounding this game right now, but I won't let it affect my good mood and anticipation for this game.

russo121297d ago


You'll have certainly the opportunity and time where you can talk about TLOU2, but now, if you didn't understand, we are talking about a great masterpiece called Ghost of Tsushima!

Sunny_D297d ago

The Last of Us 2 has had multiple gameplay segments shown and is a sequel so people are already excited for it. Ghost of Tshushima hasn’t had much gameplay shown hence why they are doing this event.

Profchaos297d ago

They have already showcased tlou 2 a few times this is getting close to launch to and could do with some more spotlight

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SyntheticForm297d ago

And that's fine with me.

Thrilled to see more of Sucker Punch's first work since Infamous.

russo121297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

I loved Infamous Second Son, and unfortunately Sucker Punch is a really underrated game studio. People should appreciate more their work.

SyntheticForm297d ago

I loved it too, though it wasn't my favorite Infamous game - that would be Infamous 2.

I think Second Son first and foremost was a love letter to Seattle. They used the then new power of the PS4 to create an absolutely beautiful Seattle for us to play around in. Yet, with all its vibrant neon, particles, bevy of new powers, etc, it didn't feel as alive as New Marais. Not quite as chaotic and lively, and, I missed car throwing.

I agree that Sucker Punch are underrated, or at least not as recognized as I feel they should be. Hopefully this game is a hit and puts them front and center as of one of Sony Studio's major players.

Elda297d ago

By June & July will be PS5 news.

UltraNova297d ago

Not sure about that tbh, I mean do they really want us to focus away from tLoU 2 and GoT?

I'm afraid the full ps5 reveal is ways off. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong on this one.

neutralgamer1992297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

I guess this is good for all those people who wanted to see more gameplay and where all those people who were saying not enough gameplay has been shown before release

Sony has been so transparent anytime they do any of these shows. Before the reveal event of PlayStation 5 they said this was geared more towards GDC but gamers still complain about the fact that it was a event geared more towards developers

This means there will be a big event for PlayStation 5 sometimes down the road since they are not talking in bits and pieces

Gameplay digs at Microsoft are funny if people still think Sony doesn't get it then I don't know what to tell them

297d ago
Muzikguy296d ago

I said months ago that this was going to be my last PS4 game before the new system. I'm excited for it

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Nyxus297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

Nice, looking forward to it!

"You’ll get an extended look at new gameplay footage, including exploration, combat and more. The current cut is clocking in around 18 minutes, give or take."

297d ago
-Ghost297d ago

Great to hear. Looking forward to it.