Why the Cuphead Assist Mode mod exists and how it came to be

Cuphead is a notoriously difficult game that not everyone will get to see the end of. But the Cuphead Assist Mode mod creator is trying to change that.

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NecrumOddBoy84d ago

This art style was truly wasted on a beautiful but mediocre game with boringly repetitive combat. An overly brutal bullet-hell run-n-gunner was the wrong direction. The bosses are super awesome but the platforming levels are a chore and the challenge is ridiculous and cheap.

I would love to see a more approachable sequel with real platforming and solid gameplay like Rayman Legends perhaps. Get rid of the finger gun and add different power ups to add to a solid platformer.

Unpopular "I should git gud" opinion and I love a challenge (Hollow Knight lover and platinum'd Celeste) but it really needs a shift away from the direction it went.

Games1st83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

People that like everything, but the difficulty and / or bullet sponge can enjoy the game.