Steam Summer sale dates leak, here's when the savings will begin

Check out GamesRadar's guide to when the next Steam Sale dates will fall.

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--bienio--205d ago

Disco Elysium wil I buy straight away.

Lon3wolf205d ago

That's reduced in the weekly sale now (25% off).

--bienio--205d ago

Did they? I’m busy at the moment playing gears Tactics so I can wait till June. Thanks anyway.

TheRealTedCruz205d ago

Best rpg of last year; easily.

Grave205d ago

Chinese sources?? .. ya, I'd trust that.

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ccgr205d ago

I'll have my wallet ready :D

FinalFantasyFanatic205d ago

I already spent enough money on the PS and Nintendo online sales, I might not participate this time, but it depends what Steam has on sale that I really want.

UltimateSanto205d ago

June 25 through July 9.

Source: Steam DB Dataminer.

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