Don’t expect Elder Scrolls VI news for years: Pete Hines

Pete Hines suggests the game is years out.

cammers19951497d ago

Nobody gives a flying fuck about starfield. Fallout and elder scrolls is where the money is and Bethesda is too stupid to realize it.

ifinitygamer1497d ago

Starfield could be massive. They're starting a new franchise because with Todd Howard at the helm, he could create a third franchise of the same class of Elder Scrolls or Fallout, then they've got three big guns of this quality. They're playing the long game. And let's not forget the first months of Fallout 76; even massive franchises are not immune to poor decisions and quality out of the gate.

anonymousfan1497d ago

I agree with you but cammers1995 has a point I mean damn we have had two Fallout games this generation one of which was shit and zero elder scrolls other than cheap re releases. It sucks.

Hungryalpaca1497d ago

I wonder how many lies he’ll fit into this one.

b163o11497d ago

I'd rather have them take there time with Elder Scrolls and FallOut. Fallout in my opinion needs a rest, cause they've disappointed more and more after each release. With Elder Scrolls, I'm sure the game is going to be massive and everything you'd expect from and ES, it's just not it's time at this moment. I have high Hope's for StarField, hopefully they've updated there game engine, and it stuns people at the reveal...

_SilverHawk_1497d ago

Why would they release elder scrolls VI when they can release games that they can continuously syphon money from peoples pockets.

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Axonometri1497d ago

I do. I do a fair amount actually. Both of them would be great to see before I am dead. Which might come before Bethesda decides to stop tinkering with settings and make the damn games.

KyRo1496d ago

It's Bethesda. Gamers will go on to say that Starfield is a incredible game even if it's a bug ridden, poorly animated, ugly, glitchy mess that comes from any Bethesda developed game just like Fallout and ES.

People will praise Fallout and ES but slate other games with far fewer issues and boycot it. They continue to out out mediocre games because gamers and the media give them a free pass for making very average games.

-Foxtrot1497d ago

If they managed to find a really good developer, it's a shame they couldn't make things like Fallout New Vegas, second, maybe smaller titles then their main counter parts

Release then at least 3 years after the main game and at least then the time waiting for the next game is shorter.

ifinitygamer1497d ago

Agreed, they have to have a proper cadence set out for all this stuff years in advance, but with three massive games, also need three massive development studios, and Todd just has to be better about splitting his time up, because they need to be developed concurrently and even learn from each other.

Vegamyster1497d ago

I'd love to see something in the vein of the old Fallout games done by Larian Studios, their last two Divinity games have been some of the best RPG's of the last few decades and they're doing the new Baldur's gate.

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BlackIceJoe1496d ago

I think Bethesda working with Larian Studios would be cool and they have the skills to help make Elder Scrolls or Fallout games.

Though I think it would be smarter for Bethesda to buy Topware Interactive, they made the Two World games, but this time they would have the resources to help make Elder Scrolls games.

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AngelicIceDiamond1497d ago

I was not anticipating to release for a good while. Just like CDPR announced CP2077 in early 2013. Elder Scrolls will be in a similar fashion. Probably release near the end of the gen to take full advantage of the now matured X Series and PS5 hardware. As suspected, this game won't be on my radar anytime soon.

ifinitygamer1497d ago

I'm hoping it's not quite thaaaat long. With any luck, Starfield is out by holiday 2021, let's say. Then maybe a three to four year dev cycle on Elder Scrolls VI? So Holiday 2025? Yeah I guess that is maybe closer to the end of the next-gen given a 7-8 year cycle, but maybe they overlap development a bit and we get Elder Scrolls VI in 2024. Who the heck knows?

anonymousfan1497d ago

Ugh so sad I want a new elder scrolls game so bad. I liked the witcher but for some reason TES is the game I keep going back to.

jgilbert111497d ago

Man, they sure revealed ES VI waaay too early. We all knew it was coming, they didn't have to do a reveal. All that did was set up a reason to be let down by Bethesda yet again.

IanTH1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Kind of funny how sentiment is shifting. It was previously lauded that they teased ES6 and Starfield because it helped show that they weren't abandoning their core franchises when they showed off their mobile and spinoff trashier games. This was in stark contrast to Blizzard, who did not tease their big hitters and showed off their mobile trash by itself, and they were crucified for it.

Not saying they deserve a pass, necessarily, but they did what feels like the right move for the time. It didn't end up squashing disappointment more so than it feels like it just flattened the disappointment curve, stretching it out so that the negative sentiment is kind of overlapping with their recent missteps. Beth was in a better overall position pre Blades/FO76/Wolfenstein Cyber Pilot/Youngblood/etc. They've certainly a lot less social currency now than they did back at that conference lol.

DragonWarrior191496d ago

They kind of had to that E3, they knew Fallout 76 was going to be not well received the second they said "online". Not to mention they spent the entire E3 show crapping on Elder Scrolls fans because they had the audacity to ask about TES6 since Elder Scrolls has been dormant since 2011. They did make it clear that E3 that it was going come after Starfield which was a next gen game, we knew back then it'd be a long time before they said something. Also I still firmly believe with how defensive and agitated Todd Howard gets when anything Elder Scrolls is brought up, he really does not want to make them anymore but has to since it's Bethesda's bread maker.

jambola1497d ago

unless they release something good between now and then i won't really care