Gravity Well Is The New AAA Studio From The Founders Of Respawn

Today, we learned that two of the founders of Respawn Entertainment have opened a brand new AAA studio simply called Gravity Well.

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TheRealTedCruz93d ago

Hmm. Could be interesting. I like the note that, due to the covid issue, things like work visas aren't an issue so, if you're good, you'll be hired, no matter where you are in the world.
I honestly hope that's a trend that gets picked up even after, eventually, everything goes back to somewhat normalcy.

NicholasDownieTIC93d ago

It sounds like they are focusing on staying remote, similar to how Moon Studios operates. It certainly cuts down on operational costs. Will definitely be something to watch for going forward.

FlavorLav0193d ago

Cannot wait to see what they’re working on. They sound very pro-employee, glad to hear this

AK9193d ago

Hope whatever these two work on ends up being great.