The Ghostrunner demo is beautiful - and ray tracing adds to the spectacle - Eurogamer

From Eurogamer: "Ray traced cyberpunk ninjas - four words that sum up Ghostrunner, a new Unreal Engine 4-powered speed running assassination game that melds the kind of 3D traversal we saw in Mirror's Edge with an aesthetic heavily inspired by Blade Runner. It's all night time, glass, metal and rain - the perfect scenario to get the most out of hardware accelerated ray tracing - and the perfect setting to look into the RT features delivered by the Epic middleware. First impressions? It's very promising, but also in its early days, with lots of tuning and optimisation required.

The Ghostrunner demo itself is essentially an extended tutorial that guides you through the play mechanics before settings you loose on some 'content'. You'll learn to run, jump, wall-run, boost and to laser-lasso to grapple points. You'll also learn focus: a Matrix-inspired bullet time mechanic that allows you to dodge incoming fire before unleashing katana justice on anyone who crosses your path. It's fast, it's brutal, it's relentless - and it's fun."

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Fishy Fingers361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Seems a very handed implimention (ambient occlusion, shadows, >>full resolution<< reflections), they've gone in too hard here, much simpler, softer usage would of looked 90% there (in motion especially) and wouldnt have a 70% performance hit.

They need to scale it back or give more options, it's borderline unusage at most (high) resolutions for all but the most enthusiast builds.

But a wake up call to have heavy this can be.

Benficaman361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

In my opinion is not worth it. I rather have stable 4k/60 than RT, specially in this fast Pace games.

silenthillstrangler361d ago

Digital foundry mentioned how the next gen consoles could do raytracing without sacrificing too much.

KRUSSIDULL361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

RTX 3000-series is rumored to have 4x times RT performance of 2000-series. For consoles (AMD) RT is new that comes with RDNA2 but if it is any close to that performance rumor that NVIDIA could deliver then 4K 60 FPS with RT on is not that far fetched especially for XSX with the 52 CU's that all have dedicated RT hardware acceleration equal to an additional 13TLOPS over the 12TFLOPS without RT according to dev.

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