Report - Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Character DLC Will be Sold Separately, New Screenshots Surface

According to a leak, it appears Mortal Kombat 11 Afermath characters will be available for purchase individually.

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Looper442d ago

Warner Bros are off their rockers!
The Aftermath DLC is $40 for 3 characters and story expansion. If the characters are $6 each then this means they are charging us $22 for cutscenes since that's all the story expansion essentially is.

The only way this makes any sense is if they have 3 more characters planned for this expansion coming for free at a later date.

excaliburps442d ago

Yeah, kinda weird how it's priced. Unless there's something there that's not announced or we know of.

Nitrowolf2442d ago

Don't forget the Skin pack that comes with it that usually retails the same cost. So technically $16 for the story, but it doesn't help that they are so silent on them being made by themselves.

They clearly want to push the higher price lol

IamFrasierCrane442d ago

The expansion actually comes with three skin packs. You get one pack as a preorder bonus, but i'm not sure if that's one of the three that comes with the expansion or if there's actually four.

Jrios355442d ago

And people are going to buy it and it's going to sell like hotcakes. So unless we're going to do anything about it, then it's best if we shut up and accept the terrible reality that is greed, and the idiots who consume it.

Gaming101442d ago

Or just do like I do and not buy it, speak with your wallet.
I'm waiting for this to be steeply discounted before touching it, so they can balance it out further.

Jrios355442d ago


Well guess what! That has done NOTHING to stop greddy-ass franchises like Call of Duty, FIFA, and Madden from selling MILLIONS every year, and it has NOT stopped these companies at all. It's not going to work on Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed either.

SegaGamer442d ago

The fighting game genre my dude, it's become one of the greediest genres of the lot. It's largely why I have been put off them.

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Blastoff23442d ago

Same shyt I said @ looper smh

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addictedtochaos442d ago

This is why I don’t buy fighting games anymore.

tombfan442d ago

iiiii just wait till the All included pack comes out... and have a discount... and wait if i'm still interested in playing the game.

DaniMacYo442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

Robocop, Terminator and the Joke in one video game wow it’s like my childhood all over again. I recently watched Robocop 1 just felt it, crazy he’s now coming to MK11. The most disappointing thing is how they are handling all this future DLC’s it’s like Iracing or something kinda sucks individual buys are pricey then if you buy the bundle it’s dearer than MW2 Remastered. Jeez.

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The story is too old to be commented.