Fable Needs to Be the Xbox Series X's Breath of the Wild

A number of the rumors swirling around a Fable 4 or next-gen Fable reboot open the door to the potential for it to be Xbox's Breath of the Wild.

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Spurg143d ago

Well, we know that PLayground games are proficient at open world and they can effectively use that to create an open world Fable.

borneFROMblood143d ago

still feels weird, since their open world games were only racing and you couldn't interact with it. I don't think they have that expertise yet with open worlds. They are yet to prove it.

shuvam09143d ago

Good companies make good games...
Playground good...
Playground make Fable good...

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UltraNova143d ago

They are proficient in racing open world game design, not RPGs an entirely different beast. I'm not saying they can't do it mind you, just keep expectations at bay and wait for them to show us their work first.

Poopmist142d ago

I guess Forza Horizon is kinda like an RPG. You do upgrade your car

monkey602143d ago

I dont understand why people think a developer cant jump genre and still take their prestige with them. At the end of the day they are fantastic developers and their skills come with them no matter what the genre is.
Naughty Dog and Guerilla have proved this too

SLiSH83142d ago

Worked out pretty good with gorilla games going from Killzone to Horizon Zero Dawn. Talented devs can go into different genres with no problems.

CaptainOmega142d ago

Making a proficient ‘open world racer’ doesn’t really equate to making proficient open world rpg’..

Horizon’s open world design is just a small step above Burnout Paradise’s open word design.

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Looper143d ago

It needs to be a good game. Assuming of course it's actually happening.
If it is then Series X won't be lacking at all in the RPG first party content with inXile and Obsidian also rumored to be working on RPG's. It'll be a stark contrast to this gen where the Xbox One was known for being the home for the best racing games and not very much else.

King_Noctis143d ago

Xbox was all about racing and shooting. It is good that they are trying to diversify their library now.

SLiSH83142d ago

With 16 and soon maybe 17 if the Konami rumors turn out to be true. Should give the Xbox much needed diversity in styles of games coming out of the first party studios.
When does Xbox get its 7 hour movie......errr game with LGBBQT that seems to be the rage on PlayStation

Poopmist142d ago

@SLish83 they have Tell Me Why coming. I'm hoping they're satisfied with all of the woke points from that and don't let it infest their other stuff

King_Noctis143d ago

Could be quite difficult. But Playground Games is a talented devs, we might get something special on our hands.

Lore143d ago

Yea man I play 90% on my PS and 10% between switch and xbox. But if Sony doesn’t step up their fun (and deep) RPG game this next gen and get a franchise revived like Dark Cloud or Rogue Galaxy to compete with other massive jrpg’s then their lineups are going to become repetitive and stale in my opinion.

They can’t continue to solely bank on telling good stories in games, they need to be complimented with gameplay that doesn’t get repetitive after 5-10 hours and nothing to do other than combat encounters or finding collectibles. Getting a bit tired of it. God of War was excellent though, and Last of Us 2 is going to be great again from a pacing and gameplay perspective similar to the first.

caddytrek143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

I mean... if you want Japanese RPG which Dark Cloud and Rouge Galaxy both are, PlayStation has WAY more than xbox and even Switch. I mean they are not all made by Sony but I'm not sure why that would matter.

I have tons of Japanese RPG's and VN's and things that are only on PlayStation, it's why I have it and like it so much.

PlayStation is the place to be if you want RPG's.

Lore143d ago

It matters because when a company rakes in over 70 billion a year they have the financing to make great rpg’s. Not a slight towards other third party rpg developers at all.

Also as I mentioned in the beginning, I play 90% on my Playstation, so I’m aware of the rpg catalogue that’s exclusively on the console. I’m specifically waiting for one of their highly acclaimed 1st party studios to take on a franchise of that caliber.

Spurg143d ago

I don't recall Sony creating RPGs or having a RPG studio. All of the RPG games come from third-party studios which are some times published by Sony but very rarely.The most I seen were from the Ps1 and Ps2 era. Level 5 is an example early on but their most recent game have come from Bandai Namco. Studio Japan do give a helping hand but they are now relegated to VR games. Other than that Sony have never really been an RPG maker and relies on third party for the RPG fix. From Sony last gen all I remember is white knight chronicles being a Sony only JRPG.

Sony is focused on making its games, third-person story-driven games and is getting most of its studios to follow the same formula. I highly doubt they will attempt RPG especially not western RPG which Xbox has more experience with such as fable, mass effect, jade empire, knights of the old republic. And now with 3 rpg focused studios inxile, obsidian and playground games they have their foot firmly set on rpgs

pwnmaster3000143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Mass effect and jade was BioWare?
Just because it was with Microsoft doesn’t mean it was from them, unless they help develop it.
Also if I recall MS for the last 3 gen was all about shooters and racing game so if MS can diversify there library (after 3 gen mind you), what makes you think Sony can’t next gen?

But at the same time it’s you that I’m talking to.
You promote MS like they pay you.
I wouldn’t be surprise if you were Phil himself.

Spurg143d ago

"Mass effect and jade was BioWare?"
They were published by Mircosoft.

"Also if I recall MS for the last 3 gen was all about shooters and racing game so if MS can diversify there library (after 3 gen mind you), what makes you think Sony can’t next gen?"

"(after 3 gen mind you)"
As if fable1,2,3, Mass effect, Jade empire and many more didn't happen. And not to forget the jrpg that MS published like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

"what makes you think Sony can’t next gen?"
Didn't say they can't...its just they never invested or made a western RPG or have invested on jrpg this gen. so the likelihood is low.
Sony is not after RPG studios because they want to make third-person story-driven games. Almost all of their studios are doing that because their fanbase likes games like that.

pwnmaster3000143d ago

Yeah publish but didn’t make. Your reaching as always for MS lol
Same with lost odyssey ( one of my favorite) and blue dragon.
You discredit Sony for all the third party studio games made but here you go listing it for MS.

Don’t be Bias.

PitbullMonster143d ago

"can't...its just they never invested or made a western RPG"
Lol... The mother of all MMORPGs Ever Quest came from Sony Online Entertainment.

outsider1624143d ago

"Sony is focused on making its games tps driven games.."

Funny, when someone says xbox, all i can think of is online fps and racing....for 3 generations.

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pwnmaster3000143d ago

Well I wouldn’t consider Zelda an rpg but I agree with you.

Sony has so much potential rpgs.
They need to reboot rogue galaxy or dark cloud.
Hell I will even take white knight if they fix it.

Lore143d ago

Agree with you 100%.

And to respond to the other guy:

“ Sony is not after RPG studios because they want to make third-person story-driven games. Almost all of their studios are doing that because their fanbase likes games like that.”

Exactly, which is why I said “ their lineups are going to become repetitive and stale in my opinion.”

shuvam09143d ago

I want more of everything...
Because more is not less ..

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