Digital Extremes Wants to Implement Warframe Cross Save, Here's Why It's Not Yet Available

Developers Digital Extremes explains why Warframe cross save feature has yet to arrive, though they continue to express interest.

victorMaje1235d ago

Imo best ongoing game every year.
A blasphemy it wasn’t even nominated last year.

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Teflon021235d ago

This is the only way I'm going back. I want my trinity Prime and mag prime back (plus my other warframes and items) and everything I did on PS4. Since I mainly game on PC and don't want to start over, it's literally the only reason I won't go back to the game

Teflon021235d ago

Don't care about dislikes, but I am curious as to how can what I said be a issue to anyone LOL. That I want to keep the frames and stuff I put hours and hours into if I'm playing more. I wouldn't play FFXIV anymore if it wasn't crossplatform save either. All Online games should implement this feature

Thomaticus1235d ago

I agree with you. To build those Warframes, require a lot of work, and I can't just start over from nothing.

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