PSX Extreme: Guitar Hero: World Tour Review

PSX Extreme writes: "For years now, Guitar Hero has been leading the path for all music games. As the only guitar-controlled rhythm title available, Activision had the market cornered for two years. But after debuting the incredible Rock Band and introducing gamers to more than just a guitar, it was inevitable that Activision would change the direction of the Guitar Hero franchise to compete with its new found rival. While working on their all new Guitar Hero game, Activision still saw incredible sales for GHIII, as its obviously lower price-tag was more wallet friendly than the near $200 tag of Rock Band. Now, both games are offered in a variety of different sets, in addition to a complete bundle or stand alone game. So with both available, which game is the better one?

That's a tricky question to answer, as both games have their advantages and disadvantages. We will start with the instruments, If you've followed both games, you'll know that Guitar Hero offers the more realistic drum-set, complete with two mounted rubber hats - something I asked to see out of Rock Band 2. Below the rubbery hats are three pads, which are notably larger and quieter than the Rock Band set. The bass-pedal, unfortunately, while easier to operate, doesn't attach anywhere and grips the floor using the rubber pads beneath it, so those with carpets may find themselves annoyed."

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