Geoff Keighley hints that we have not yet seen what next-gen games will look like

Geoff Keighley is dropping hints on Twitter.

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Nyxus1057d ago

It's obvious these games aren't really representative of what next gen is capable of. Some of them were current gen games.

_SilverHawk_1057d ago

I know. Next gen starts when playstation says so. We'll see next generation games when Sony shows them on a playstation

purple1011057d ago

Next gen starts when naughty dog says so.

Though prehaps now, Gurilla games also has a shout

ColdSin1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

Put your bias aside. May 12th will be the first actual look on what is considered a next gen title (I'm not claiming that I actually know, but I have this gut feeling). It is one game having a dedicated live stream. I hope it is Mafia 4 and Mafia 2 Definitive Edition.

Tech51056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

gamers - "Next gen starts when playstation says so. "
also gamers - "we finally get to play some ray-tracing that's from 3 years ago."

Looper1056d ago

Lol next gen starts when the weaker console says so. Yeah okay pal.

neutralgamer19921056d ago


That stronger console won't have any exclusives for 2 years so yes Sony coming in with ps5 only titles does mean that's when next gen starts

You can tell me a game that is suppose to run on 12TF with SSD is also suppose to run on a 1TF console without SSD and that 1TF console won't hold back the game

And you keep enjoying the power argument if what cerny said is true and we have no reason not to trust him than ps5 will do just fine

But I guess we can believe Phil and not cerny

--Onilink--1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

So this gen starred with Knack?

You are seriously naive if you think you will see the same level of graphical quality on launch titles, regardless of console.

Most launch window titles are either cross gen or usually have cutbacks in regards to content or gameplay because they need to meet the deadline

umair_s511056d ago

Apart from ACV we didn't see AAA games. Heck some were even indie.

GTgamer1056d ago


So you bring up knack and ignore killzone shadowfall which to this days looks better than allot fps released today buttttt I digress but of course sony was smart enough to make sure that was the first next gen gameplay we saw when they revealed the PS4.

Sitdown1056d ago

Next generation starts when I have a next generation console in my house regardless of the company.

Donnie811056d ago

I thought next gen started a few years back with the launch of the switch

--Onilink--1056d ago


Yeah, killzone still looks great, but overall it was just decent, nowhere near any of the recent exclusives. If anything, Infamous was the better of the launch window games and even that one was also really filled with repetitive missions, specially compared with the previous 2.

Same thing with Ryse on Xbox, looked great but was meh overall.

Launch exclusive games have less development time and have a deadline that cannot be pushed back, so of course they can usually be lacking in some places. Or they are cross gen games with plenty of content but obviously wont change that much graphically.

If you ask me, it wasnt until Ratchet and Bloodborne that Sony started with their streak of great exclusives, which makes sense, it takes time to make high quality games

1056d ago
Michiel19891056d ago

next gen allready started on pc ages ago ;)

starchild1056d ago

Uh...PC has always been ahead of any console. The closest the consoles will ever be to PC is right at launch. But even then they are somewhat behind.

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Jin_Sakai1057d ago

Sony’s 1st party studios will give us a real taste of next gen. Bluepoint Games and Guerrilla Games both claim they will set the bar for next gen visuals. Can’t wait!

neutralgamer19921056d ago

Born will have games day one on ps5 from the looks of it and it's amazing anyone who says something good about ps5 the disagrees fly in yet every day we are told this site is run by PlayStation biased gamers

RpgSama1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Facts! There's nothing that looks like God of War, Horizon, TLOU2 or Ghost of Tsushima on the One X a console that is on paper close to 50% more powerful than the Ps4 Pro, imagine what the same developers will do for the Ps5 with a difference of only around 18%

jairusmonillas1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

You are wrong, PS5 is superior with it's twice faster SSD. 18% TF difference is irrelevant compared to that godly SSD.

RpgSama1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )


I agree with you, I actually think than both consoles will have their strengths and that the Ps5 will more than make up with that anything lost in other areas, like the Tflop difference which is minor. But even playing devil's advocate, the "factual" numbers wise difference on paper this time around is only 18% in the Tflops count, with what we've seen Sony Developers do with 50% less, they will do laps around this minor difference.

Zeref1056d ago


Gears 5 says hello.

And we already seen what Nextgen looks like. Hellblade 2... How are yall so quick to forget lmfao, very convenient.

starchild1056d ago

That's just hyperbole. Sony does make some of the best looking games. But not all of their games look that good. Also, some of the better multiplats on PC or higher end consoles can sometimes equal or surpass the exclusives.

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Godmars2901056d ago

At best they're transitional, yet its what MS chose to lead with.

leejohnson2221056d ago

Exactly, as if ms didn't preview the show before it went live

Unspoken1056d ago

It's what next gen is going to look like at the beginning of a generation. You rarely see the full potential until the end of the generation. Why do we go through this spin every time and have to re-educate the Sony cult?

Godmars2901056d ago

"Why do we go through this spin every time and have to re-educate the Sony cult?"

Well, since you put it that way, maybe its because MS have never managed to set any graphic standards within a console gen? Especially for all the times they've emphasized graphics and system power.

angelsx1056d ago

Don't listen this clown

AnubisG1056d ago

Than why advertise them as next gen games?

shiva11056d ago

Because those games are yet to release and might release before next gen starts but will play on next gen consoles too...

Ubisoft din show AC unity which will also run on next gen console, they showed Valhalla. Understand the difference before you ask the question. Some games may not put the consoles to test or sweat them....

AnubisG1056d ago


People like you make up all the excuses for these companies.

Look, there was an Xbox even where they said they will show off, guess what! NEXT GEN GAMES. That is what they said they will show and that is what they showed off. There is an article about how the Mediums gameplay could not be done on current gen consoles so that is 100% next gen. So we have seen next gen games.

What does Unity have to do with anything here? I don't get it.

You need to understand what is being talked about here instead of trying to defend these companies.

Unspoken1056d ago

Because they will be optimized for the next gen console? It does not even take a high school level of education to understand this, especially when history has repeated itself. Does Sony have nothing but 9 year olds playing?

AnubisG1056d ago


Read this!

Optimized your face. That is what's optimized for bullshit.

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Drew3451053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

I have to agree.

Looking at the leap from the following:
Metal Gear 1 (PS1)
God of War 1 (PS2)
Heavy Rain (PS3)
The Last of Us 2 (PS4)

I gotta say that I'm expecting something around Advent Children and slightly higher in some areas.

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DeadSilence1057d ago

No Sony 1st party games showed on Ps5 yet, soon we'll see.

ApocalypseShadow1057d ago

Obviously. But I don't need Goeff to tell me that. His over hype is hard to trust anyway. I trust my gut that better impressions of next gen is coming. Even for Xbox.

ColdSin1056d ago

Well... I too would have had the same opinion if it wasn't for Shinobi agreeing with him. When Shinobi says something, it is true.

Axonometri1057d ago

I may not have received my PS5 and XSX yet. Just to give you all a little hint.