Bloodborne's unofficial 60fps patch tested: just how good is it?

Digital Foundry: Dissecting the Souls engine with the man behind the hack.

One of the most celebrated games of this console generation, Bloodborne saw From Software team up with Sony to produce an epic gothic adventure - rich in lore, deep in gameplay, brutally hard in execution. From a Digital Foundry perspective, its only negative points are technical in nature. Bloodborne's 30fps frame-rate is poorly implemented, while the potential for 60fps gaming via a PlayStation 4 Pro patch never happened.

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SyntheticForm85d ago

People don't always take kindly to remasters, but if they remastered this game, I would absolutely buy it. I was so intensely into this game and its world when I was playing it.

The combat is awesome, the story is awesome, the detail and bosses are awesome. They've just got to make Bloodborne 2. Would be out of my chair if they announced this for PS5.

Mrwick89085d ago

I use to not like Remasters/remakes but at this point since new games mostly suck. I welcome it. Especially if its games that are really old.

Loktai85d ago

A patch to actually utilize pro and ps5 would be enough for me though the game is not broken... 60fps would feel nice but there is nothing wrong with it given it's nature. It runs stable which is all I care about in that case . The 60fps obsession is good for pushing gsme designers to write efficient code but it often is overblown

ocelot0785d ago

I don't even want a remaster. Just a PS5 patch so it runs at 60FPS will do me fine.

SyntheticForm85d ago

I'm just saying I loved Bloodborne that much that I'd be willing to buy a remaster. Yeah, if they just patch it to 60 with higher resolution that'd be great too, but I'd have no problem plunking down the $63 and change for a remaster of such a personally beloved game.

Though I don't at all mind the aggressive chromatic aberration, it would be cool to see a little more refinement in some regards such as that.

neutralgamer199285d ago

i think they are doing horizon because of death standing being on pc using the same engine

bangoskank85d ago

Bloodborne is a masterpiece. I don't use that word often. The game is perfection incarnate.
I can't see how this game can be remastered but I would instantly commit to a definitive edition.
On a side note- when is Bluepoint going to finally announce the Demons' Souls Remaster? I will breakdance when that is confirmed.

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on_line_forever85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

This game must release on PC & PS5 with 4k & 60 fps .

nitus1085d ago

In principle, I would agree, however, you would need a display device (TV or monitor) that has a refresh rate of 144 Hz or better and considering that "most" domestic TV's have refresh rates of 60 Hz then most game developers would target 60 fps for faster-paced games rather than framerates above 60 fps.

While I would agree that 4K is now the preferred resolution, 8K is now available although it is expensive, however, one feature I do find very nice is HDR (High Dynamic Range) which all PS4's and later release XBox1's support. This means that if you have a 4K or better display that supports HDR then a game that has HDR support will display (or should) accordingly**.

Note: ** Not all displays that support HDR will display HDR content from a PS4. My LG 31.5" HDR 4K monitor does while my son's 55" HDR 4K TV does not which IMHO is disappointing. Yes, I did use a 2.2 HDMI cable (2.0 also works on my monitor).

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FlavorLav0185d ago

Would welcome an official patch or I’d gladly pay for a proper PS5 remaster and sequel. Either way, more is welcome in the world of Bloodborne for me. They can have my money👍🏼

Xaevi85d ago

All I know is that it'll be a shame if this doesn't get a patch on PS5, but seeing as they haven't patched it for Pro I have no hope

LoveSpuds85d ago

Personally, I want a remaster for PS5 if only so I get a new trophy list, I loved every minute of earning the plat and I'd relish a chance to do it again in glorious 60fps.