PSX Extreme: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "For the first time last generation, a console began to adopt more traits of the PC RPG realm. Of course, the purists will claim the likes of Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance was a dumbed-down knock-off of the more hardcore PC classic titles, but there was no denying the inherent entertainment and quality of the Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath games on the PS2. Sadly, the only similar game on the PS3 was the launch title, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, which was a really lame attempt at a next-gen dungeon crawler. The first promising title that's most similar to the games mentioned here will be Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, which is a relatively traditional hack 'n slash action/RPG with more classes, items, weapons, and enemies than we ever had before in a console RPG of this style. This one is made by Ascaron Entertainment, and provided they come through and deliver a fun yet still in-depth experience that will appeal to all fans of the sub-genre, we'll be happy. We miss the days of being able to hack our way across a landscape loaded with enemies. You know, it's a gleeful, blood-soaked romp!"

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