Destiny 2 Unofficial Roadmap (based on official information)

Consider this the unofficial Destiny 2 "Roadmap" based on official information coming straight from Bungie itself. No rumors, no leaks, no speculation.

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TheScotsman340d ago

A good reconciliation of all the info, thanks bud

NeoGamer232339d ago

I thought Bungie would do great things after Halo. Turns out they did nothing really special with Destiny and Destiny 2. Just another shooter with some neat multiplayer modes.

JeffGUNZ339d ago

It is a shame because the core gameplay is amazing. The hit their stride the last year of Destiny 1 and were delivering what we wanted. Destiny 2 has been a disaster from the gate. They seemed to completely lose touch of what their playerbase liked and wanted. The same thing happened with Division 2, but that launched really well. Now they keep doing updates that are the opposite of what the community wants. Insane.