Capcom Announces Third Consecutive Year of Record Profits Driven by its Strong Gaming Business

Today Capcom announced its financial results for the full fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, reporting record profits for the third year in a row.

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CrimsonWing69340d ago

Here’s looking forward to a fourth!

naruga340d ago

imagine if RE 3 Remake was actually good the amount of profits that would have announced

roadkillers340d ago

Just imagine if it was bad tho..

DrDeath340d ago

It was good. But it was short. Took me 6h:22 minutes my first playthrough not including cutscenes (1 hour) I enjoyed the game after just finishing 3 runs of re2 remake

ifrit_caress340d ago

Making good quality games that fans/games adore brings record profits... It's a mystery how that works.

kevinsheeks340d ago

Right, like catching lightning in a bottle.

DOMination-340d ago

It seems so simple yet nearly every major publisher seems to fail to understand this concept.

galgor340d ago

And there I was thinking it was shipping a game with the DLC on the disc and making you pay to unlock it!

/Old Capcom

caddytrek340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

To be fair I never understood why that got focused on Capcom other devs had been doing it before Capcom.

But the 360 generation was all about dumping on Japanese devs so much that many of them went out of business or nearly failed like Capcom, Konami and SquareEnix.

Luckily the success of the PlayStation 4 brought a revival of Japanese gaming.

neutralgamer1992340d ago

yeah who knew gamers wanted great games without MT

RosweeSon339d ago

Cannot agree more it’s not always the way as some really good games don’t catch on and sell big but generally release a quality game or a few and you make some serious money. There’s also the other side as some of these yearly churns make billions.
Nintendo show it time and time again tho not everything they release is perfect but when they get it right wow hence the majority of games that sell over 1 million on switch are made by them. 3rd parties only have themselves to blame I get switch isn’t on par with the current gen and there’s bound to be some compromises but good devs can make it work and work very well with minimal compromise, problem is the majority like ea Ubisoft etc port piss poor versions masses of content or modes missing or on EA’s case with Fifa just release a legacy version, because Fifa is so technical baring an opening cutscene or 2 the majority of the game is same and many years previously so to just do a legacy version is a joke and I’m glad they struggle to sell. Put some effort in few switch extras even and you’ll see them sell millions it’s not rocket science. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤓 ✌🏻

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Silly gameAr340d ago

I want a new Onimusha. The remaster only increased my appetite for more.

jeremyj2913340d ago

Same but I don't think we're getting one. They are in full blow RE mode..... again.

Silly gameAr340d ago

Yeah, I agree. Onimusha probably isn't popular enough for a full blow remake or even a new game.

jeremyj2913340d ago

I truly wish it was. I loved the hell outta Onimusha.

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The story is too old to be commented.