Square Enix's Jump Festa 2009 Line-up

Square Enix have their own booth once again at the annual Jump Festa expo in Japan and have released their line-up of games featured this year. Be prepared for an overload of DS titles!

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chaosatom3837d ago

Seriously 3 ds games???

If they started making quality RPG on both Platforms, then they will get as much money as Microsoft paying them, and it will Keep the fans happy.

RPG Guy3837d ago

Square-Enix deserves it. Random shovelware support and remakes for handhelds, constant closed theatre trailers, delays, hypocrite statements about "no favorite console"...

F Square-Enix.

hay3836d ago

Well, making games for DS isn't as demanding as on X or PS3 so it's basically neat income with install base around 80m(not sure about it though so don't crucify me for this error). It's cheaper, easier and... Funnier to cash in profit. For them.

And those closed theaters are especially irritating. I don't understand how it promotes the game. I mean come on, this won't build hype or advertise the game. It just pisses people off. Well at least I'm pissed of by it.

Johnny Cullen3837d ago


No Final Fantasy XIII?

Dream Machine3837d ago

Its there under Fabula Nova Crystallis.

Although it's going to be in a closed mega-theater and they won't release any new info so it doesn't really matter if it's there or not.

Johnny Cullen3837d ago

Ah, didn't see it under Fabula.


TheColbertinator3837d ago

Chrono Trigger is just a remake of a SNES game that is worth 5 bucks that they are selling for 30 dollars.Its just the SNES rom slapped with some stylus controls and resold.SE is really losing it

DiabloRising3837d ago

Cue more behind closed doors cinemas of CGI and more "exclusive news" like Lightning MIGHT wear size 14 shoes.

God SE, you've lost it.

Danja3837d ago

well as long as FFX111...comes good..

now announce KH3 already

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The story is too old to be commented.