David Jaffe's new game coming 2010

PSBeyond writes:

On Jaffe's blog, he recently mentioned that he was going to Sony to talk about "the new game". While he wouldn't talk specifically about when gamers could expect to see it, he did mention 2010 as a guesstimate.

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Cwalat3836d ago

Twisted Metal for PS3...

i doubt he would start developing a new game...

Panthers3836d ago


Imagine it with proper online this time around. SICK!

sunnygrg3836d ago

God of war RPG. Hmmmmm. Fork yeah.

TOO PAWNED3836d ago

From his blog "As for promoting the new game, when is that, you ask? Well at least I hope you ask!

Who knows. Going to visit Sony today but we prob. won't pick a launch day. My gut/guess tells me we're looking sometime in 2010. Certainly not later than that. Perhaps sooner. "

He is talking about game on which heis alredy working and is planned to be released in 2010. That game is Twisted metal for PS3, something he hinted who knows how many times. So article mislead us in believing that is something "new", a other "new game". Bunch of BS. I hate when people do this.

The Matrix3836d ago

Ok, this is coming from one of the biggest GoW fans out there. Dave Jaffe used to be cool. He made an awesome game in GoW and then spiralled down from there. He's a victim (saying that he sucks at story-driven games), annoying (his political comments can be considered funny [Sarah Palin is the perfect MILF comment] but usually tasteless and he just won't shut up. He's like the Gears 2 team leader (how do you spell his name?). He thinks just by making an awesome game he can stop there and start absorbing all the credit he thinks he has earned.

I'll tell you what David, you think you suck at story-driven games? Well you do. Cory Barlog totally topped your performance in GoW II. What do you think about that?

El_Colombiano3836d ago

Wait, Jaffe didn't make GOW2's story line?

Sitdown3836d ago

top the story line?....I felt like it was a nice extension from the first...even though I think it is a little lame how Zeus got away.

Panthers3836d ago

David did work on GOW2.... and even finished the GOW3 story before he left. And how did he spiral down? Those were the last games he worked on. Now he is working on TM for the PS3...

Danja3836d ago

GOW story was finished before GOW2 was even released David said he always planned on making GOW a ways give the guy some credit ppl...he made one of the greatest action games ever....and the story was amazing...

a new TM would be f-ing awesome...haha Online Galore right there..!!

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doctorstrange3836d ago

too long to wait, want now

Foliage3836d ago

I agree. Not enough is being shown of this or Team ICO's project. More details dang it!

Heaven_Or_Hell3836d ago

If the game will go on retail on 2010, I doubt it'll be a PSN game.

Mozilla893836d ago

There will be a smaller psn game released in 09 and a full ps3 game in 2010

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The story is too old to be commented.